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Standard Chartered Bank Customers’ Consent Terms to Apply for and use the CFCA Digital Certificate

Standard Chartered Bank Customers’ Consent Terms to Apply for and use the CFCA Digital Certificate (the “Terms”), serving as supplemental provisions to the Online Banking Terms & Conditions of Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited (the bank), apply to the Customer who applies for Digital Certificate service at Standard Chartered mobile banking. The Customer shall read and understand the Terms carefully.

The term “Digital Certificate” as mentioned in this Clause refers to the electronic document applied to China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA) by the Customer for identifying the identity of the Customer and digital signing of transactions when the Customer uses mobile banking of the bank. CFCA is a Certification Authority approved and authorised by related national management department of China, issuing Digital Certificate to the Customer to ensure the safety of transactions through online banking. The bank is the “Register Authority” in the service.

The customer shall log on to CFCA official website, (, to read and accept <CFCA Digital Certificate Service Agreement> (This Agreement contains disclaimers of CFCA, please read the Agreement carefully) before applying for digital certificate. Pursuant to this Agreement, once the Customer has completed the download or initial use of the Digital Certificate, the Customer shall be deemed to have carefully read, understood, and accepted the Terms and agreed to be bound hereby. Please note that CFCA may revise the agreement from time to time and make it available on the CFCA website (

In order to enable the Customer to apply through the Bank and use the Digital Certificate services issued by CFCA, the Bank hereby requires the Customer to agree and authorize the Bank to treat customer’s personal information as follows:

I. The Customer agrees and authorizes the bank to disclose customer’s personal information including customer name, ID type and ID number to apply for Digital Certificate from CFCA. The Customer confirms that the submitted identity information is true and valid, and authorizes CFCA to keep the above personal information for at least 5 years after the Digital Certificate expired, where laws and administrative regulations provides otherwise, such laws and regulations shall prevail. If there are any changes in customer’s above mentioned personal information, please timely inform CFCA or the Bank. If above mentioned personal information provided by the Customer intentionally or negligently is untrue, incomplete, inaccurate, or if CFCA or the Bank is not notified in time after customer’s personal information is changed, the Customer shall be responsible for the losses caused.

II. The Customer shall log on to CFCA official website, (, to read the Digital Certificate Service Agreement, Safety Tips for Digital Certificate Use and Business rules for Electronic Certification to learn more about Digital Certificate and the Customer’s rights and obligations with CFCA before applying for Digital Certificate. If the Customer does not agree with the content of the above documents, please do not apply for a Digital Certificate.

III. The Customer agrees and authorizes the bank to host the Digital Certificate on Mobile banking app after it has been issued by CFCA. The Customer shall keep the private key or password of the Digital Certificate properly.

IV. The Customer knows that the Digital Certification will bind customer’s identity information, any transaction made with electronic signature by using customer’s digital certificate should be deemed as customer’s true intention. The electronic signature of the data message indicates customer’s knowledge and approval of the content contained therein; the Customer shall be responsible for the transaction.

V. The Customer should take necessary measures to ensure the safe storage and backup of the Certificate’s private key or relevant passwords. If customer causes others to misappropriate or fraudulently use the private key and password of the Digital Certificate due to customer’s intention or negligence, the Customer shall be responsible for the results arising therefrom.

VI. The Customer should understand and agree that: if (1) the private key or relevant password of Digital Certificate is leaked or lost, or (2) the device used to store private key of Digital Certificate is lost, or (3) the Customer does not wish to continue to use the Digital Certificate, or (4) the subscriber subject does not exist, the Customer or the legal rights person shall immediately report to the Bank or CFCA to apply for the revocation of the Digital Certificate by following relevant procedures from the bank or CFCA. The bank customer service hotline is 956083 or +86 755 956083 and CFCA customer service hotline is 4008809888. Otherwise, the Customer shall be responsible for the results such as inability to use mobile banking or online banking services or potential banking account security risk. Once the Digital Certificate is revoked, the Customer can no longer use it.

VII. The Customer should understand and agree that: if (1) customer’s Digital Certificate expires, or (2) the Customer reinstalls and binds the mobile banking device, or (3) when the Digital Certificate is detected to in an abnormal or invalid state, or (4) any security risk, the Customer authorized the Bank to apply to CFCA for a revocation or update of customer’s Digital Certificate.

VIII. The Customer understands and agrees that: if the Customer finds or suspects that the authentication services provided by the Bank or CFCA has caused the Customer’s online transaction information being leaked and/or tampered with, the Customer shall within 3 months submit a dispute resolution request to the Bank or CFCA and notify all parties concerned.

IX. The Customer undertakes to indemnify the bank for any losses or damages which may be incurred by the bank because of Customer’s breach of the Terms and/or Digital Certificate Service Agreement released and amended by CFCA from time to time, or Customer’s negligence or fraud when using the Digital Certificate.

X. The Terms is made in both Chinese and English. In the event of any conflicts or in consistency between the Chinese and English version, the Chinese version shall prevail.