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Cn business reasury

Financial markets

Offering tailor-made financial markets management solutions that maximize your liquidity and mitigate your financial risks.

Financial markets

Foreign Exchange

    • Our FX option service allows you to keep the FX risk under control by hedging through FX option so that your foreign currency receivables or payables would be less affected by the volatility of the FX market. With an FX option, you can fix the exchange rate between two currencies for an agreed period of time. You can then exercise the option on the agreed date, or choose to let it expire if the prevailing market rate is more favourable.

      If you have more sophisticated FX hedging needs, please approach us for structuring a hedging solution best suited to manage your FX exposure.

    • Our FX forward service allows you to protect your foreign currency receivables and payables from exchange rate volatilities with an FX Forward contract. An FX forward contract fixes the exchange rate for a particular date in the future, whether it’s days, months or years later. The exchange is to be completed on that day at the pre-agreed rates without being affected by the prevailing market price.

    • Our FX spot service allows you to exchange currencies for future delivery within two working days, in line with international practices. As an authorised institution, we also clear trade related spot FX with clearing banks or agent banks in mainland China to allow offshore participating banks to access the mainland FX market.

    • Our FX value today service allows you to exchange currencies instantaneously and give you instant access to your cash.

    • We help you manage your long-term exchange rate risk through cross currency swaps, which enable you to swap your fixed or floating rate interest and principal payments in one currency for another.

Interest Rate

    • Meet your unique risk management requirements and cash flow outlook with our interest rate swap products. We help you to mitigate interest rate risk incurred from long-term RMB and foreign currency liabilities with our vanilla or structured interest rate swaps.

    • Our commodity derivatives team offers a customised Over-The-Counter (OTC) suite of commodity price risk management tools to hedge your energy, precious metals, base metals and softs/agriculture exposures.

Wealth Management and Structured Deposit Products

    • Product Type Linked Asset Issuing Bank Tailor-made
      Total Return Credit Linked Deposit Credit Standard Chartered Bank(China) Limited Can be tailor-made for corporate client
      FX Linked Structured Deposit FX Standard Chartered Bank(China) Limited Can be tailor-made for corporate client
      Rate Linked Structured Deposit Rate Standard Chartered Bank(China) Limited Can be tailor-made for corporate client
      Commodity Linked Structured Deposit Commodity Standard Chartered Bank(China) Limited Can be tailor-made for corporate client

      If you have any question or would like to understand more about our Structured Deposit products, please contact your Financial Markets Sales.

      Note: “Corporate Clients” refer to any company, corporate, institution, individual business and other non Personal Banking clients.

Why Standard Chartered

    • At Standard Chartered, we offer a wide range of currencies for your exchange needs. Thanks to our market maker position and extensive global network, we provide competitive pricing. Our strong supporting team ensures the timely delivery of your funds. Together with our deep knowledge of local and global markets and teams of experienced professionals, we are well-positioned to offer views on rate trends, commodity prices and opportunities.

      Every year we are recognised for our achievements in banking and finance. Here are some of the recent awards we have won in China related to treasury. Please click hereto view the full list of our recent awards in China and click here to view our recent global awards.

    • (1) Best in Treasury & Working Capital (MNCs/LLCs) in 2014

      (2) Best in Treasury & Working Capital (Non-Bank FI) in 2014

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