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Transaction Banking

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Cash Management Solutions

Trade Finance Solutions

Cash Management Solutions

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Standard Chartered Bank offers a one-stop solution for all your cash and treasury management services. Through our solutions, we aim to help our clients optimize liquidity, increase visibility, control and improve on efficiency and manage risks.

Main Products

Fast, efficient and convenient domestic and cross-border payments

  • Access to domestic and international clearing systems
  • Make payments and balance of payments through our award-winning Straight2Bank electronic banking channel. This improves process efficiency and minimizes the need for documentation
  • Value added services: consolidated electronic bank statements, telephone banking and payee advice in emails
  • Domestic payroll service with bulk debit feature for payments initiated via Straight2Bank, in order to achieve payroll information confidentiality
  • Automatic 24*5 domestic payment via PBOC Internet Banking Payment System(IBPS)

Comprehensive And Efficient Receivable Management

  • Performed through seamless connection to your collections management processing flow
  • Virtual Accounts for collections can help you to identify your payers
  • Direct debit is an efficient and cost-effective solution for collections of recurring receivables. Leverage our system and our partner’s capacity, it will reduce the operational risk by eliminating manual processing
  • Automatic 24*7 domestic collection via PBOC Internet Banking Payment System (IBPS)

Customized Liquidity Solutions

Increased treasury efficiency and lower resourcing costs via automated processing


  • Robust intercompany administration with a variety of interest allocation, posting, settlement and reporting options
  • Intercompany limit management to define lending and borrowing limits as required
  • Solutions that cater to local regulatory requirements, such as tax-efficient multi-entrustment loan and horizontal sweeping structures in China

Interest Optimization

  • Comprehensive visibility across multi-country, multi-currency accounts via daily reports
  • Each entity participating in an interest optimization structure retains control of its accounts, without physical transfer or comingling of funds
  • Preferential interest rates on total balances

Real Estate Structured Financing

Trade Finance Solutions


Standard Chartered Bank offers a one-stop solution for all your trade finance and product services to make your international/domestic trade more efficient and less risky. Our solutions aim to optimize cost of funding and increase utilization of capital.

Key Features

Documentary Trade

  • Credit Bills Negotiation with recourse or with limited recourse can provide various financing solutions under Letter of Credit financing to help customer accelerate its funding collection process and shorten its Days Sales Outstanding
  • A Guarantee or Standby LC provides your business counterparty with acceptable security based on your underlying transaction or contract terms
  • Bank Acceptance and Draft Discounting assists you in mitigating working capital pressures and reducing high borrowing costs. You can also improve the balance sheet and your relationship with the entire supply chain

Open Account

  • To meet importers’ and exporters’ increasing needs to finance their purchase/sales under open account terms (Letter of Credit excluded),Export/Import Invoice Finance provides a full suite of invoice financing solutions to finance client’s cross-border trade and domestic trade in various currencies including CNY
  • Our Receivables Services is a well designed solution to manage your account receivables generated from your international and/or domestic trade business

Supply Chain Finance

Distributor Finance

  • Provides stable financing support for the nominated distributors at a competitive financing cost
  • Helps to fund distributors, grow sales, increase the loyalty of the distributors and strengthens your anchor position in the supply chain

Vendor Prepay

  • Creates immediate liquidity for your vendors at competitive rates
  • Offers improved control, better liquidity and enhanced risk management with extensive coverage across your entire supplier network

Real Estate Structured Financing

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