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Terms and Conditions of Third-Party Payment

I agree and accept, in order to open the Debit Card (including physical Debit Card and Virtual Debit Card) payment function on the third-party payment platform, I shall bind my Debit Card with the third-party payment platform which has established a cooperative relationship with the Bank from time to time. Debit Card Holder’s information shall be verified for the first time when binding the Debit Card with the third party payment platform and the payment password/biometrics will be used for future third-party payment platform transaction verification. For third-party payment platforms (such as WeChat, JD Pay, Meituan Pay, Suning Pay), the per transaction limit is RMB 20,000 while the per transaction limit of Alipay is RMB 50,000. The accumulated daily transaction limit on all the third-party payment platforms combined per Debit Card is RMB 50,000. For China Union Pay, per transaction limit is RMB 5,000 and daily transaction limit per Debit Card is RMB 20,000 (Different payment platforms may set varying limits based on card holder’s security settings and business scenarios and may change from time to time). The transaction limit on third-party payment platform shall also be subject to the transaction limit of RMB deposit account (Type II), which currently is RMB 10,000 per payment and per day (including fund transfer to unbound account) respectively, and RMB 200,000 per calendar year. The Bank is entitled to adjust such account payment limit from time to time and I may inquire such limit through SCB branches or customer service hotlines. I will refer to the bank’s public website for the latest updates for the third-party payment platform related functions. After my Virtual Debit Card completes the necessary additional validation(Type II RMB deposit account owner face-to-face personal information validation in branch or Type III RMB deposit account small amount fund validation), the amount that I top-up to the third-party payment platform (my own third-party platform account) from my Virtual Debit Card can be withdrawn to my Virtual Debit Card. The total withdrawal amount from each third-party payment platform must be less than or equal to your total top-up amount to that third-party payment platform. I understand that third-party payment may have risks and I shall properly preserve my identity information, card number, password, cell phone number and other personal information and try not to use third-party payment in public places such as the internet bar. If I suspect my personal information has been leaked, I shall report to the third-party payment institution according to the relevant third-party payment user agreement and call the Bank via customer service hotline to report loss of my Debit Card. I may raise the compensation application with the Bank pursuant to laws and regulations for the affirmed fraudulent debit card transaction which is incurred due to the reason not attributable to me. I understand that when the third-party payment instruction is deactivated, all incoming fund transfers to my Debit Card through the third-party payment platform and cash withdrawal to my Debit Card from the third-party payment mobile wallet will be unsuccessful.