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b20 women in business action council Women in business: policies for equality

We're proud to have co-chaired this year’s B20 Women in Business Action Council. Below are some of the key recommendations. 

Our aim to build a more gender-diverse society

In our leading role as co-chair of the Women in Business Action Council, Our aim is to help build a more gender-diverse society. Given our unique presence in 59 markets, of which 16 are G20 economies, we encourage our G20 leaders to adopt the recommendations in the B20 report, which are summarised below.

To hear from Tanuj Kapilashrami, our Group Head of HR, on the importance of inclusion and our role on the Women in Business Action Council, click here.

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Unlocking leadership potential

  • Evaluate and amend national policies on equality to ensure they protect the rights and equal opportunities of women
  • Prepare and implement a comprehensive Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) roadmap
  • Implement policies for employers that set goals and transparent disclosure requirements to increase women in leadership positions
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Promote female business ownership

  • The G20 must eliminate barriers to access to expertise for women-owned/led small- and medium enterprises – as well as informal entrepreneurs and women-founded startups – through affordable legal support and increased financial literacy
Equal opportunities: more senior roles for women

Better connections between stakeholders

  • The G20 must include a cross-section of women at all stages of policy decision-making and implementation
  • In partnership with the UN and others, the G20 should create a policy design and learning centre, to build the capacities of national governments to meet gender equality criteria, and share good practices across governments