the next era of global trade Future of Trade 2030

Globalisation will drive the next decade of growth

 Trade corridors of the future will cut across continents – between South Asia and the US; between Africa and Asia; between Europe and East Asia and between the Middle East and Asia.

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Five themes will shape the future of trade

  • Fair and sustainable trade
  • Inclusive participation
  • Digitalisation
  • Risk diversification
  • Rebalancing

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Global trade is set to grow by 70 per cent over the by 2030 next decade, with a shift towards more inclusive and sustainable practices.

Which markets will drive the future of trade?

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Will ASEAN emerge on top as companies diversify?

As COVID-19 accelerates the need for businesses to diversify, ASEAN’s strong economic fundamentals make it an attractive market. 

Supply chains and sustainability

Preventing supply chains from fracturing as a result of further twists in the COVID-19 pandemic is a short-term goal, but further into the future, decarbonisation is the priority.

Digital escrow: new ways of facilitating commerce

Commercial relationships can be constrained by risk and complexity. The good news is there is now a solution that will help businesses keep up with this trend and the new opportunities it brings.