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Turning market insights into actionable outcomes. Standard Chartered’s views on what to watch out for in today's Financial Markets.

Unlocking capital for sustainable infrastructure development in Asia

To close the sustainable development gap in Asia, public and private infrastructure project owners have to tap into new sources of funding. What are these sources, how are they mobilising capital towards developing Asia, and how are they navigating the region’s investment landscape? 
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Scaling up the inescapable opportunity in carbon trading

Carbon trading is becoming more and more essential to help businesses and the world meet their net zero goals. In this podcast, learn more about overcoming the challenges, identifying the opportunities, and scaling up carbon markets so that they can support climate action, on a large scale.
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Innovative financing: a powerful tool to unlock investments as a force for good

More and more investors and companies are incorporating ESG metrics into their capital allocation decisions, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. In this podcast, learn why we will continue to see an acceleration of sustainable financing and impact investing trends, with ESG asset classes outperforming the rest.
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H2 Global Research Outlook - Navigating the uneven road to recovery

Economists have started using the term normalisation to describe what might be on the horizon for the global economy. However, countries emerging from various lockdowns and restrictions find themselves on different points along the growth curve. What does this mean for the rate setting cycle? And how can we navigate the patchwork scenario ahead? Hear insights from our economists, Eric Robertsen, Razia Khan and Kaushik Rudra.
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Q2 Global Research Strategy Outlook - Assessing US exceptionalism and economic recovery

Much talk lately has focused on the idea of US exceptionalism leading global recovery. At the same time, there are other economies that are also picking up across emerging markets, while some are falling behind. This is creating vast divergences across regions and sectors and performance of various financial instruments. In these complex times, what is the best investment strategy? Hear insights from our global research strategists, Eric Robertsen and Kaushik Rudra.

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Q2 Global Research Economic Outlook – Forecasting economic growth, inflation and the impact on emerging markets

Overall growth prospects for 2021 are bright, but the unevenness of the global vaccine rollout has complex implications for different economies.

Prospects for global growth are improving but the unevenness of the vaccine rollout is creating divergences across different economies and sectors. In addition, rising fiscal debt and the possibility of inflation are looming in developed and emerging markets. If inflation becomes an embedded risk for a greater than expected rise in rates/yields, what will the consequences be on emerging markets in the near term and longer-term? Hear insights from our global research economists, Sarah Hewin and Edward Lee.

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