Offers 5% cashback* every time you spend on fuel.
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Exclusive Benefits

Rewards Programme

Earn Credit Card reward points each time you use your Standard Chartered VISA Gold Credit Card for shopping, entertainment, travel, online purchases or for paying for utility bills. You will automatically be enrolled into the programme. Register and log in at 360° Rewards

Points on every purchase

You will earn 1 reward point on every purchase worth KES100 on your Standard Chartered Gold Credit Card. Even purchases on your supplementary Credit Card will earn you Reward Points. The more you spend on your Credit Card the more Reward Points you accumulate.

Fabulous gifts await you

Reward Points can be redeemed for a wide range of exciting gifts featured in the catalogue. Points expire every three years and can be redeemed for gift vouchers while your Credit Card is valid. You need to accumulate a minimum of 5,000 points to redeem it for gifts or vouchers for the first time.

Easy redemption of Reward Points

Call our contact centre on 329 3900 to place a request for the redemption of your reward points. Post verification we will send you a redemption voucher / letter which will entitle you to collect your gift from the selected outlet.


Every time you use your Standard Chartered Gold Credit Card to pay for fuel bills you will be rewarded with 5% cashback. So make the Standard Chartered Gold Credit Card your preferred method of payment and enjoy credit card benefits. The maximum cashback per month, per card account is KES 250.


Cashback is available on specific Merchant Category Codes for fuel stations. Fuel Stations are defined as retail establishments that sell petrol and diesel. The above definition of Fuel Stations is only indicative and coined for the purpose of explaining the offer. Identification of outlets as Fuel Stations is based on the Merchant Category Codes allotted by Visa & MasterCard. Standard Chartered Bank will not be responsible for providing cashback for purchases at outlets that have not registered themselves under Merchant Category Codes assigned for Fuel Stations by Visa and MasterCard. The categories of cashback (Fuel Stations) can be changed or withdrawn at any point of time. Any such change will be communicated to the cardholder through the monthly Card statement. The cashback earning Merchant Category Codes will not earn reward points.

Credit Life Insurance
  • Designed in your interest
    Credit Life Insurance is an optional insurance programme to safeguard against setbacks brought about by a prolonged illness, injury or death. From as little as KES 1 for every KES 1,250 of your card balance, get peace-of-mind against life's uncertainties. The Credit Life Insurance charges will appear in your monthly Credit Card Statement under a separate heading "Credit Life Insurance charge".
  • Waiver of outstanding balances*
    In the unfortunate event of permanent disability or death, the entire outstanding balance amount on your Standard Chartered Gold Credit Card account, including the balance amount on all your supplementary credit cards, will be waived off without causing any inconvenience to your loved ones.
Free lost card cover

As a Standard Chartered Gold Credit Cardholder, you do not have to worry about loss or theft of your Credit Card. You are protected against abuse or misuse of your Gold Credit Card for the first 24 hours; to the extent of a maximum limited liability of KES 200,000 for any one event and KES 400,000 per card account per year. You would need to report loss or theft of the card within 24 hours. To claim the insurance benefits of any misuse of the funds on your card you need to produce a copy of the police abstract.

Travel Privileges Programme
  • Free travel inconvenience benefits
    Gold Cardholders will get reimbursements for travel expenses caused by baggage loss or baggage delays, flight delays or cancellations (up to USD 750). This benefit also covers loss of passport during travel.
  • Free Travel Insurance
    As a Standard Chartered Gold cardholder, you enjoy free travel accident insurance up to USD 4000 every time you purchase an air ticket for a minimum of USD 500.
  • Priority on special air fares and tour packages
    You can enjoy access and priority on special fares and tour packages when you make your travel arrangements with the Standard Chartered Gold Credit Card at Acharya Travel Agencies Ltd.
  • Free airport transfers
    As a Standard Chartered Gold Credit Cardholder you will have the advantage of free airport transfers in Nairobi (to and from JKIA) for international travel when making travel bookings with Acharya Travel Agencies Ltd. (subject to a minimum purchase of USD 1500 per cardholder)
My Stanchart Privileges

With Standard Chartered Visa Debit or Credit card, you can enjoy up to 15% discount from our feature merchants.

Credit Life terms and conditions apply.

Card Features

Chip and PIN technology

Our Credit Cards utilise advanced Chip and PIN technology, which has internationally reduced Credit fraud. The computer chip embedded in the card uses advanced encryption technology to counter fraud and reduce card crime, making all your transactions safer. When you use a Chip and Pin card at the point of sale, you may be prompted to enter your PIN. In such cases your PIN replaces your signature. It’s therefore important to memorise and keep your PIN safe.

Enhanced Online Security

Our credit cards are enhanced with an additional layer of security through the Verified By VISA service. This means that through the VISA secured network, our cards are even more protected against unauthorized use and fraudulent activity while transacting online. Cardholders can confidently use their Standard Chartered Credit Card for online purchases through the use of a One Time Password (OTP) to authenticate the transactions. Get more information here.

Instant cash advances

Your card allows cash advances from thousands of Visa / Plus ATMs worldwide, providing access to cash anywhere, anytime

Worldwide recognition and acceptance

Welcomed and honoured in more than 23 million establishments across more than 200 countries.

Convenience at your fingertips

Our 24-hour Contact Centre is available for your convenience. Simply call 329 3900.

Supplementary Cards for your immediate family

Enjoy the convenience of up to 5 supplementary cards for your immediate family members.

Easy Credit
  • The power and flexibility to plan your payments.
  • Interest-free credit for up to 50 days. Statements are generated once a month & you can repay the outstanding balance within 20 days from the statement date. You pay absolutely no interest if you settle your bills in full before the payment due date (except for cash advances).
  • Pay as little as the minimum amount due each month, and the balance at your convenience.
  • There is an interest charge applicable to your Credit Card levied on your outstanding amount. Please refer to the schedule of charges as outlined in the latest 'Service & Price Guide'.

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