Frequently asked questions about saving

Savings Account

What are the fees and charges on the Savings Account?

There are no monthly fees or charges on this account. However if you wish to transact, you will be required to convert the account into a transactional account as the savings account only allows you one withdrawal per calendar quarter.

What interest rates do you offer on this product?

The interest rate offered on your savings account will vary from time to time subject to the applicable law. The larger your savings balance, the more interest you earn. For the exact applicable rate please contact our branch staff.

Do I have to have a current account with you to set up the Standing Instruction to deposit money regularly on this account?

A current account with us is recommended to enable you to set up a Standing Instruction for depositing money in this account at no extra cost. You can set up the Standing Instruction from a current account that you may have at any bank but at an added cost.