HomeSaver Account

What are the fees and charges on the Homesaver Savings Account?

There are no monthly fees or charges on this account. However if you use this account to transact we will levy transaction charges as per the bank's tariff guide (available in our branches and on our website).

What interest rates do you offer on this product?

Interest rates vary from time to time depending on market conditions and the size of your savings. The larger your savings balance, the more interest you earn. For the exact applicable rate (from the various balance bands) please contact our branch staff.

What discount will you offer on the home loan if I need it to supplement my savings?

At the point of taking up a home loan, the discount offered will be 0.5% on the arrangement fee and a 1% discount on the normal home loan interest rate. However this may change over time. The bank will review this pricing on a periodic basis and change the discount offered based on market conditions.

Do I have to have a current account with you to set up the Standing Instruction to deposit money regularly on this account?

No, you do not need to open a current account with us to set up a Standing Instruction for depositing money in this account. You can set up the Standing Instruction from a current account that you may have at any bank.

What happens if I am unable to deposit money on a regular basis on this account? Do I still get the benefits of this account and the discount on interest rates at a later date?

If you miss depositing the minimum amount required every month for three consecutive months then the features of this account will be withdrawn and this account will function like a normal Savings Account without any of its attendant benefits.

You can however become eligible for the benefits once again if you deposit money consecutively for the next six months. We will automatically activate the features back.


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