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SC Mobile

Open an account today from your mobile and start banking everywhere

Manage your funds effortlessly
Simplifying your life

At Standard Chartered we understand that we all live busy lives so we are designing and developing an even faster account opening solution where you can open an account in lightning speed.

Open a Digital Bank Account

We are excited to announce our new World Class account opening experience that you are going to love.

Transfer Funds

Enjoy the convenience of transferring money to other accounts locally and internationally through SC Mobile anywhere, anytime.

Access Account Information

Access up to date information on the following types of accounts using this service: Savings Accounts, Current Accounts, Fixed Deposits, Loan Accounts and Credit Cards.

Pay Bills

Make instant bill payments using either your bank account or credit card to the following: Utilities, Mobile Money and Airtime.

Unstoppable Offers to match your life

There are a number of benefits when you open your SC Mobile Account.

Save and Resume

You may save and resume your application and you will have within 30 days to complete your application counting from the day you start the account opening journey.

Track your status

You can open an account and track your status of your accounts. We will even send you reminders to ensure that you can open your bank account as fast as possible.

Online Banking

Online Banking is our internet banking service that provides you a world of convenience as it enables you to perform basic banking operations without having to visit your branch

Make banking easy

Online Banking is a simple, hassle-free and secure Internet Banking service available to all Standard Chartered customers in Zambia. Online Banking gives you access to your account using the Internet. Online Banking offers you the following services wherever you have access to the Internet:

Personal Home Page
  • Consolidated account and individual balances for all accounts under your relationship number/s held with the bank
  • Online Banking inbox – this allows you to communicate with the bank instantly. You will also receive email alerts and confirmations for all transactions done through online banking.
Personal Updates
  • Change password
  • Change contact details (residential, postal, phone number and email)
  • Subscribe to email alerts
  • Transaction details and account information
  • Cheque book request
  • Statement request
  • Account statement download
  • Status of issued cheques
Bill Payments
  • Pay your utility bills as well as make third-party bill payments
Funds Transfer
  • Account to account transfers with Standard Chartered (own A/C’s and other SCB A/C’s)
  • Local Interbank transfer
  • Telegraphic transfer (international)
  • Beneficiary maintenance
Market Watch
  • FX rates enquiry
Standing Orders
  • Standing order set up (daily, weekly, monthly, half yearly, yearly)
  • View standing orders within Standard Chartered

Mobile Banking

Access your account directly from your mobile phone, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking service gives you access to your account direct from your mobile phone, safely and easily.

  • Fund Transfer – Transfer funds between self or nominated accounts from anywhere, anytime.
  • Pay Bills – Pay bills with a range of service providers such as water utility companies and pay TV.
  • Cheque Book Request – Request a new cheque book to be picked up from the nearest branch or registered address.
  • Forex Rate – Access the most recent foreign exchange rates direct from your phone.
Additional Features
  • Check your balance – Access both your available and book account balances
  • Mini-statement – View details of the last 2-3 transactions on either selected or all accounts you maintain with us
  • Full statement – Request a full statement to be delivered or picked up from the nearest branch or registered address
  • My settings – Change your password and main your operating account
  • Airtime top up – Top up not only your numbers but also those belonging to friends and family across all local mobile networks

Standard Chartered’s Mobile Banking service gives you access to your account direct from your mobile phone, safely and easily.

To access our mobile phone banking service, just dial *424#. The service is menu based and all functionalities available will be displayed after successful PIN verification.

Service Overview

To register for Mobile Banking, you must have a Standard Chartered bank account. If you do not have one, simply visit any of our branches and open an account with us. The service is available on all mobile networks in Zambia (Airtel, MTN and Zamtel). Once registered, customers will receive their one-time PIN via SMS on their registered mobile number. This PIN must be changed to access the service.

To access our Mobile Banking service simply dial *424#. Other benefits of registrations include SMS alerts for selected credit and debit card transactions.

All linked accounts that you maintain with Standard Chartered Bank will be automatically included on the list of self-accounts. This will enable you to move funds between your current account to your savings account and vice versa.

For charges refer to the tariff guides.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for our mobile banking services are available here.

Cash Deposit Machines

Find information about Cash Deposit Machines here

Cash Deposit Machines

There are two options to deposit cash on the machines:

  • Option 1: Deposit with Standard Chartered Bank Zambia Bank Card
    • Insert card in the machine and enter PIN
    • Select the ‘Cash Deposit’ option from the options displayed on the screen and follow the instructions to complete the deposit.
  • Option 2: Cardless Deposit
    • Select the ‘cardless services’ option displayed on the machine
    • Enter the account number into which cash is being deposited and follow instructions on the screen to complete the deposit.

The maximum number of notes that can be slotted in the depository per transaction is 200 notes. The machine will not accept deposits of more than 200 notes.

The maximum deposit amount is ZMW20,000. This means that the machine will accept any amount below or equal to ZMW20,000 per deposit.

You can deposit as many times as possible for free up to an amount of ZMW150,000.

There is no cut-off time for deposits. Deposits can be made at any time of the day for FREE.

Funds deposited reflect immediately on the account for all successfully completed deposits. At the end of a successful transaction, the machine will produce a receipt with the words ‘Accepted Cash’ as proof of the successful deposit. In addition, the beneficiary will receive an SMS text message on their mobile phone confirming the deposit.

An unsuccessful transaction is one:

  • Where notes are retracted, and a receipt produced by the machine with the words ‘Failed’ and ‘Retracted Cash’.
  • Where a receipt is not produced at all at the end of the deposit.
  • Where the transaction cuts before completing the deposit.
  • Where the machine closes before completing the deposit.

If a deposit is not reflecting on the account, the matter must be reported to the nearest branch. The matter can also be reported via mobile phone using the bank’s Client Care Centre toll free line: Dial 5247 (All mobile networks). Terms and conditions apply.

If a deposit fails and notes are retracted by the machine the matter must be reported to the nearest branch. The matter can also be reported via mobile phone using the bank’s Client Care Centre toll free line: Dial 5247 (All mobile networks). Terms and conditions apply.

No. Only local currency will be accepted. The machine will reject foreign currency

The machine accepts ZMW100 bills, ZMW50 bills, ZMW20 bills, and ZMW10 bills. The machine will reject any other denominations.

The machine will accept and sort notes even if they are mixed. The machine will count the notes and display the breakdown on the screen for confirmation.

The notes MUST not be bundled, stapled or clipped. All money clips, rubber bands and staples must be removed before the deposit is made. The machine will reject all notes with rubber bands, staples or clips.

The machine will not accept any coins. Coins are not allowed and MUST not be deposited on the machine.

The machine will not accept cheques. Only local currency cash will be accepted.

Deposits can be made with or without a bank card.

  • If a card is used the “Cash Deposit” option must be chosen after entering the PIN.
  • For deposits without a card the ‘Cardless’ option on the machine screen must be used.

Yes. Deposits can be made by a third party using the ‘Cardless’ option on the machine. A valid Standard Chartered Bank Zambia account number will be required for the deposit to be made.

No. The machine will accept deposits made to Standard Chartered Bank Zambia accounts only.

Deposits can be made from the following locations of Standard Chartered Bank Zambia branches and ATM sites:

  • Lusaka (Cairo Branch – Cairo Road)
  • Lusaka (Headoffice – Main Branch)
  • Lusaka (Novare Great North Mall)
  • Lusaka (Kabulonga – Centro Mall)
  • Lusaka (Manda Hill Mall)
  • Lusaka (East Park Mall)
  • Lusaka (Leopards Hill Mall)
  • Lusaka (Levy Mall)
  • Lusaka (Lewanika Mall)
  • Lusaka (Northmead – Total Filling Station)
  • Lusaka (Munali Mall)
  • Lusaka (Novare Pinnacle Mall)
  • Lusaka (Waterfalls Mall)
  • Lusaka (Woodlands Mall)
  • Lusaka (Former Main Branch – Cairo Road)
  • Ndola (City Mall – Buteko Avenue)
  • Kitwe (Kitwe Branch – ECL Mall)
  • Chingola (Park Mall)
  • Choma (Choma Hotel)
  • Livingstone (Bravo Brands – Mosi-oa-tunya Road)
  • Kasama (Mukulumpe Road)
  • Mongu (Barotse Mall)


Find information about eStatements here

Free eStatements

Our online statements are absolutely free. No fees are charged for this service, regardless of how regularly you choose to receive them.

Safe and Secure

Our eStatements are password protected and therefore very secure. Statements cannot be viewed without the password.

Easy to Read

Delivered in an easily recognisable format, our electronic statements look the same as a conventional paper statement.

Multiple recipients

You can choose to have your eStatements delivered to up to three email addresses.

Express Banking

Standard Chartered Bank’s wide network of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) provides you with a safe and convenient way to conduct your day to day banking

Express Banking

Standard Chartered Bank’s wide network of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) provides you with a safe and convenient way to conduct your day to day banking. You no longer have to carry large sums of cash with all the attendant risks and with our wide ATM network you are guaranteed of a peace in terms of access to cash 24/7.

We offer a wide range of service on our ATMs including the following:

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Balance inquiry
  • Mini statement
  • Pin change/Pin generation for new cards

We also issue Visa Debit Cards on ZMK and USD (ZMK equivalent will be dispensed) accounts for use on our ATMs with the following benefits for your convenience:

  • Cash withdrawal from your account anytime anywhere
  • Internet Point of Sale(POS) transactions

Enjoy the convenience of internet based transactions and the ability to purchase products and services at Visa branded Point of Sale terminals both locally and internationally.

  • Easy replacement of lost cards
  • Secure

Every transaction you make with your Visa Electron Debit Card is fully authorized giving the highest level of security to cardholders, retailers and issuing bank. PIN protected card to ensure greater security.

Contact Centre

Our 24-hour Contact Centre is available to assist you with resolving any problems you might have

Get answers for all your questions

Bank from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere in the world with Phone Banking. Simply call our Client Care Centre and our Customer Service Representatives will help you with a range of banking products and services. To call our 24/7 Client Care Centre, please dial 5247 on all Zambian mobile networks.

Account-related Services
  • Balance enquiries
  • Transaction enquiries
  • ATM card pin activation
  • ATM/Debit card hot-listing
  • Loan application status
  • Early settlement enquiries
  • Digital banking queries
Rates/Tariff Enquiries
  • Exchange rates
  • Lending rates
  • Deposit rates
  • Tariffs
Product Information
  • Deposit accounts
  • Personal loan
  • Mortgage loan
Other Services
  • Account opening procedure
  • Account closing procedure
  • Complaints/investigations
Digital Banking
Help Centre


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