A safe and convenient way to conduct your day to day banking.


Standard Chartered Bank's wide network of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) provides you with a safe and convenient way to conduct your day to day banking. You no longer have to carry large sums of cash with all the attendant risks and with our wide ATM network you are guaranteed of a peace in terms of access to cash 24/7.


We offer a wide range of service on our ATMs including the following:

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Balance inquiry
  • Mini statement
  • Pin change/Pin generation for new cards

We also issue Visa Debit Cards on ZMK and USD (ZMK equivalent will be dispensed) accounts for use on our ATMs with the following benefits for your convenience:

  • Cash withdrawal from your account anytime anywhere.
  • Internet Point of Sale(POS) transactions

Enjoy the convenience of internet based transactions and the ability to purchase products and services at Visa branded Point of Sale terminals both locally and internationally.

  • Easy replacement of lost cards
  • Secure

Every transaction you make with your Visa Electron Debit Card is fully authorized giving the highest level of security to cardholders, retailers and issuing bank. PIN protected card to ensure greater security.


    1. How do I make a cash deposit on the machine?

      There are two options to deposit cash on the machines:

      • Option 1: Deposit with Standard Chartered Bank Zambia Bank Card
        • Insert card in the machine and enter PIN
        • Select the ‘Cash Deposit’ option from the options displayed on the screen and follow the instructions to complete the deposit.
      • Option 2: Cardless Deposit
        • Select the ‘cardless services’ option displayed on the machine
        • Enter the account number into which cash is being deposited and follow instructions on the screen to complete the deposit.

    2. What is the maximum number of notes that can be deposited at any given time?

      The maximum number of notes that can be slotted in the depository per transaction is 200 notes. The machine will not accept deposits of more than 200 notes.

    3. What is the limit for each deposit?

      The maximum deposit amount is K20, 000. This means that the machine will accept any amount below or equal to K20, 000 per deposit.

    4. What is the maximum cash deposit limit allowed in a day?

      There is no limit as to the number of deposits made in a day. You can deposit as many times as possible for FREE.

    5. What is the cut-off time for deposits?

      There is no cut-off time for deposits. Deposits can be made at any time of the day for FREE.

    6. How long does it take for funds to reflect on the account?

      Funds deposited reflect immediately on the account for all successfully completed deposits. At the end of a successful transaction, the machine will produce a receipt with the words ‘Accepted Cash’ as proof of the successful deposit. In addition the beneficiary will receive an SMS text message on their mobile phone confirming the deposit.

    7. What is an unsuccessful deposit?

      An unsuccessful transaction is one:

      • Where notes are retracted and a receipt produced by the machine with the words ‘Failed’ and ‘Retracted Cash’.
      • Where a receipt is not produced at all at the end of the deposit.
      • Where the transaction cuts before completing the deposit.
      • Where the machine closes before completing the deposit.
    8. What must be done if a deposit is not reflecting on the account?

      If a deposit is not reflecting on the account, the matter must be reported to the nearest branch. The matter can also be reported via mobile phone using the bank’s Client Care Centre: Dial 5247 (All mobile networks)Terms and conditions apply .

    9. What must be done if a transaction fails and notes are retained by the machine?

      If a deposit fails and notes are retracted by the machine the matter must be reported to the nearest branch. The matter can also be reported via mobile phone using the bank’s Client Care Centre: Dial 5247 (All mobile networks). Terms and conditions apply.

    10. Can foreign currency be deposited?

      No. Only local currency will be accepted. The machine will reject foreign currency

    11. What denominations can be deposited?

      The machine accepts K100 bills, K50 bills, K20 bills, and K10 bills. The machine will reject any other denominations.

    12. Will the machine accept notes if they are mixed?

      The machine will accept and sort notes even if they are mixed. The machine will count the notes and display the breakdown on the screen for confirmation.

    13. Should the notes be bundled, stapled or clipped?

      The notes MUST not be bundled, stapled or clipped. All money clips, rubber bands and staples must be removed before the deposit is made. The machine will reject all notes with rubber bands, staples or clips.

    14. Can coins be deposited?

      The machine will not accept any coins. Coins are not allowed and MUST not be deposited on the machine.

    15. Can cheques be deposited on the machine?

      The machine will not accept cheques. Only local currency cash will be accepted.

    16. Does one need to have a debit/credit card to make a deposit?

      Deposits can be made with or without a bank card.

      • If a card is used the “Cash Deposit” option must be chosen after entering the PIN.
      • For deposits without a card the ‘Cardless’ option on the machine screen must be used.

    17. Can deposits be made by a third party?

      Yes. Deposits can be made by a third party using the ‘Cardless’ option on the machine. A valid Standard Chartered Bank Zambia account number will be required for the deposit to be made.

    18. Can deposits be made into accounts with other banks?

      No. The machine will accept deposits made to Standard Chartered Bank Zambia accounts only.

    19. From which locations can deposits be made?

      Deposits can be made from the following locations of Standard Chartered Bank Zambia branches and ATM sites:

      • Lusaka Main Branch (Lusaka),
      • Northend Branch (Cairo Road-Lusaka),
      • Manda Hill Mall Branch (Lusaka),
      • Choma Hotel (Choma),
      • Kabulonga Branch (Centro Mall-Lusaka),
      • Levy Mall Branch (Lusaka),
      • Livingstone Branch (Livingstone),
      • City Mall (Ndola),
      • Zambia Way Branch (Kitwe).
      • Kasama (Plot 332 Mukulumpe Road)
      • Mongu (Barotse Mall)

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