Private Banking app

Private Banking at your fingertips

The SC Private Bank app makes it convenient for you to access your portfolios and market insights on the go.

Introduction to the SC Private Bank app

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Private Banking app

Track your portfolios at a glance

Access your portfolios and past transactions seamlessly through biometric login across mobile and tablet devices

Private Banking app

Manage your investments on the go

Interact with your Private Banker and share investment ideas, trade documents via a secure chat

Private Banking app

Stay Updated with Market Insights

Access Investment publications such as the Global Market Outlook, Daily Market Watch and House Views via ‘Market Insights’

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Digital CX Awards 2020

  • Winner: Best Private Bank for Customer Experience
  • Winner: Best Digital Customer Experience in Private Banking
  • Highly Acclaimed: Best Product or Service Innovation
  • Highly Acclaimed: Best Use of Technology for Customer Experience – Overall
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