FlexiPay Plus

Wouldn't it be nice to have more financial flexibility whenever you need it? Want to own the latest gadgets? What about the times when your car needs servicing? Or when you need to pay medical expenses?

FlexiPay Plus gives you the option to convert any of your Standard Chartered credit card purchase(s) to 12 month instalments at a low interest rate of 7.88%*p.a.

How it works

Simply charge RM500 or more in a single transaction on your Standard chartered credit Card and apply for FlexiPay Plus via online banking today. Transaction to be converted into FlexiPay Plus must be applied within one month from date of transaction.

Retail Purchases FlexiPay Plus (monthly instalment)
Car repairs - RM1,000 RM89.90
Medical expenses - RM3,000 RM269.70

The above table is for illustration purposes. Actual amount may differ due to interest charges.

3 easy steps to apply for flexiPay plus online

  • Step 1: Login to online banking.
  • Step 2: Select your credit card in the 'Overview' page.
  • Step 3: Select the credit card transaction(s) you wish to apply for FlexiPay Plus by clicking on the Select For FlexiPay Plus box to submit application.

*7.88% p.a. is applicable for FlexiPay Plus applications made via online banking only.
Terms and conditions apply.