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Capture local and international trade opportunities with a wide range of Standard Chartered trade services

Trade services revise

Capture local and international trade opportunities with a wide range of Standard Chartered trade services

Trade services for peace of mind

Explore new growth opportunities with letter of credit advice or confirmation, performance and financial bank guarantees and more.

A suite of trade services made available for you

Our range of export trade products and services
Export solutions
Export letter of credit advice Benefit from prompt advising of export letter of credit from a wide international network through Standard Chartered
Export financing We provide pre-shipment finance against irrevocable letters of credit from or purchase orders in a number of currencies to allow you to trade with confidence. If you need to fulfil a sales contract but need funds to purchase raw materials or process goods for export, Standard Chartered offers you pre-shipment export financing in a variety of currencies
Export collection services Simplify dispatch tracking of payment and reconciliation of your export collections when you choose Standard Chartered’s documents against acceptance, documents against payment or clean collections. Discounting of export collections is also available
Export letter of credit An export letter of credit is a document whereby your buyer instructs their bank to pay you, assuming that the agreed conditions specified in the original documentary credit are met
Letter of credit negotiation Standard Chartered’s thorough checking standards will assure you that your documents will not be rejected. Strict service standards are applied to ensure that your documents are negotiated and dispatched quickly
Letter of credit confirmation Exporters may deal not only with unknown foreign buyers, but also with their banks which are less well known institutions and whose letter of credit (LC) may not be sufficient comfort. By requesting Standard Chartered to confirm your export LCs, you obtain our guarantee of payment for document presented in compliance with the credit
Our range of import trade products and services
Import solutions
Import letter of credit issuance A Standard Chartered letter of credit gives you the assurance from a world class bank when dealing with unfamiliar suppliers, you can be confident that payment will not be made until the documents are received and verified to be in order
Import financing Standard Chartered will be able to provide financing solutions to pay for the supplier’s documents under letter of credit or import collections. Open account invoice financing is also available
Import collection services By informing your supplier to send their shipping documents to Standard Chartered, you will enjoy prompt advice upon our receipt of documents and efficient payment according to your instructions
Shipping guarantee To operate your business efficiently, it is vital your goods be cleared expeditiously. By issuing a shipping guarantee in the shipper’s favor, Standard Chartered facilitates prompt clearance of goods until bills or ladings are received
Customs bonds and guarantees Standard Chartered offers tailored solutions to meet your entire performance bond and guarantee needs