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International trade is your business. Making it go faster is ours. Navigate the waters of international trade through our award-winning Straight2Bank platform. You now need only one consolidated channel for all your trade transactions – the same channel that links you to a host of other cash management solutions.

Supply Chain Financing

Whether you are a supplier or a buyer, your profitability is affected by your trading partners' ability to raise funds efficiently. If your major buyers want to move from letter of credit terms to open account terms, can you still obtain pre-shipment financing from your bank? Can your sales cycle generate cash fast enough if your major suppliers want to reduce your credit term? If you are facing these challenges, have a chat with our supply chain finance specialists to customise a solution for you.

The supply chain financing solution.

Supplier Financing

If your suppliers request to move from letter of credit to open account terms, supplier financing may be the solution for you. We can provide pre-shipment financing to them based on your confirmed purchase orders or post-shipment financing with or without recourse.

Buyer Financing

If your buyers need a longer credit term to raise the funds to pay you for the goods than what you can afford, do not miss out on the incremental revenue that these buyers could otherwise bring in. Let us offer them the buyer financing solution.

Receivable Services

This helps you to manage your balance sheet better. It offers quick and reliable financing through the sale of invoices or accounts receivable. Under this programme, we extend financing on approved receivables for up to 90 per cent of invoice values on a recourse or non-recourse basis.

  • Convert your receivables to cash
    Standard Chartered Bank will purchase your receivables drawn on pre-approved buyers subject to an agreed credit and buyer's limit.
  • Protect your receivables against non-payment
    We will purchase your receivables on a non-recourse basis, subject to arrangement. This will relieve you of credit risk on the buyer, and (subject to the agreement of your auditors) may improve your balance sheet as it would no longer remain a contingent item.
  • Liquidity
    Because you are offering us your portfolio of receivables and not just single invoices, financing will continue as long as there are fresh unpaid invoices in your portfolio. This way, your quantum of financing grows along with your business.
  • Collection and payment follow-up
    You may wish to courier invoices and shipping documents directly to your buyer, in which case you need only provide us with copies of invoices as evidence of receivables for purchase. However, if you are not familiar with collection procedures, you may still submit original invoices to Standard Chartered Bank for collection and we will dispatch the documents and follow up on payment.
  • Receivables management
    Free your staff for more important work by letting Standard Chartered Bank manage your sales ledger for you. We will match incoming payments to invoices, and generate regular reports to help you plan sales efforts.
  • Collateral requirements
    No physical collateral is required. Financing is against receivables due to you as evidenced by copies of invoices addressed to your buyer.


Letter of Credit

Standard Chartered letter of credit gives you the assurance from a world class bank when dealing with unfamiliar suppliers, you can be confident that payment will not be made until the documents are received and verified to be in order.

  • Import bills for collection
    By informing your supplier to send their shipping documents to Standard Chartered, you will enjoy prompt advice upon our receipt of documents and efficient payment according to your instructions.
  • Shipping guarantee
    To operate your business efficiently, it is vital your goods be cleared expeditiously. By issuing a shipping guarantee in the shipper's favour, Standard Chartered facilitates prompt clearance of goods until bills or lading are received.
  • Import financing
    Standard Chartered will be able to provide financing solutions to pay for the supplier's documents under letter of credit or import collections. Open account invoice financing is also available.
  • Performance bonds and other guarantees
    Standard Chartered offers tailored solutions to meet all your performance bond and guarantee needs.

If you are in the export business, we can help you with Export L/C advising, L/C Safekeeping, L/C Confirmation, L/C Checking and Negotiation. For financing solutions, tap on to Pre-shipment Export Finance, Export Bills for Collections, Invoice Financing. Outsource your administrative functions to SCB's document preparation service.

  • Export letter of credit advising
    Benefit from prompt advising of export letter of credit from a wide international network through Standard Chartered.
  • Export letter of credit safekeeping
    Rather than be inconvenienced by having to come to the bank to collect your export letter of credit, Standard Chartered will safe keep your original and send you a working copy to facilitate the preparation of documents.
  • Export letter of credit confirmation
    Exporters may deal not only with unknown foreign buyers, but also with their banks which are less well known institutions and whose letter of credit (LC) may not be sufficient comfort. By requesting Standard Chartered to confirm your export LCs, you obtain our guarantee of payment for document presented in compliance with the credit.
  • Pre-shipment export financing
    We provide pre-shipment finance against irrevocable letters of credit from or purchase orders in a number of currencies to allow you to trade with confidence. If you need to fulfill a sales contract but need funds to purchase raw materials or process goods for export, Standard Chartered offers you pre-shipment export financing in a variety of currencies.
  • Letter of credit checking and negotiation
    Standard Chartered's thorough checking standards will reassure you that your documents will not be rejected. Strict service standards are applied to ensure that your documents are negotiated and dispatched quickly.
  • Export bills for collection
    Simplify dispatch tracking of payment and reconciliation of your export collections when you choose Standard Chartered's documents against acceptance, documents against payment or clean collections. Discounting of export collections is also available.
  • Export invoice financing
    To tide over any cash flow problems arising from credit terms to the buyers, the exporter may obtain invoice financing pending buyers' payment.
  • Preparation
    Benefit from lower costs, faster processing and fewer errors – outsource to Standard Chartered the paperwork and administrative functions related to your export activities based on your letter of creditor purchase order.

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