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Enjoy up to HKD5,000 Health $aver cash reward on your bank account balance1

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Enjoy up to HKD5,000 Health $aver cash reward on your bank account balance1

Good Health is a Real Wealth

From now till 30 June 2020, upon successful application and payment made for Allianz’s eligible plans2 with designated annualised premium3, and maintaining daily average of 10,000 steps in GOQii app4, eligible clients5 can enjoy up to HKD5,000 cash reward6,7 on bank account balance.

Health $aver Cash Rewards Illustration9

Health $aver Cash Rewards Illustration
Try our dynamic Health $aver Calculator to see how many Rewards points you could be earning.

For further information about the program, you may contact our insurance hotline 3408 1638. (Service hours: Monday to Friday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., except public holidays)

With effect from 1 January 2018, premium levies are imposed by the Insurance Authority. For further information, please visit

i. Annualised Aggregate Premium refers to the total annualized premium after any promotion discount and including insurance levy and is calculated by aggregating the annualised premiums of all New Purchases and that together with existing Eligible Plan issued to the Eligible Client.

ii.Health Protection Cash Reward Rate refers to the rate at which the Cash Reward that an Eligible Client is entitled and is determined with reference to the Annualised Aggregate Premium.

iii. Health Awareness Cash Reward Rate refers to the rate at which the Cash Reward that an Eligible Client is entitled and is determined with reference to the Annualised Aggregated Premium and the daily average of 10,000 steps as achieved and logged via the GoQii App in a calendar month.  Upon the GOQii App Activation, steps tracking shall start on the next day onwards.  For the first month of such GOQii App Activation and if steps tracking does not begin on the first day of the month, the daily average steps are calculated by dividing the total number of steps achieved in that month with the number of days remaining in that month. To ensure accuracy, the Eligible Client is advised to synchronize the data with his / her fitness tracking device manually every time before the Allianz Cut Off Date.

iv.Total Cash Reward Rate refers to the Health Protection Cash Reward Rate together with Health Awareness Cash Reward Rate, assuming all the requirements as set out in Section A and this Section B under Terms and Conditions are satisfied. If an Eligible Client does not meet the tier of Annualised Aggregate Premiums and, where applicable, the daily average steps in any month(s), the relevant part of the Cash Reward will be not paid for that month(s).

v.A maximum cap of HKD500,000 Designated Account balance is applied for the calculation of the total Rewards earned by an Eligible Client for any given month.

How to activate your GOQii account

Step 1

Sign up with your mobile number.

Signing up GOQii account with your mobile phone number
Step 2

Enter your Activation Code

Activate your GOQii account with activation code sent to your device
Step 3

Start tracking your steps and earn interests!

Congratulations to successfully activate GOQii account with your mobile.
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Important Notes:

1. Only Standard Chartered (“the Bank”) HKD bank account (“Designated Account”) holders are eligible for Health $aver Rewards Program.

2. Allianz’s Eligible Plans under Health $aver Rewards Program include Allianz Medical Protect, Allianz Ultra Medical Protect, Allianz Premium Medical Protect, Allianz Hospital Income Protect, Allianz Cancer Protect and Allianz Accident Protect.

3. Total Annualised Aggregated Premium (after any promotion discount and including insurance levy) must be at least HKD5,000 per annum, together with those of existing Eligible Plans which have already been subscribed by the Eligible Client.

4. GOQii app is available on iOS and Android devices. Eligible Clients must use GOQii app to sync and track their daily steps.

5. Please refer to Health  $aver  Rewards Program’s Terms and conditions for the definition of Eligible Clients.

6. The New Purchase must be issued in the name of the Eligible Client as the policyholder and become effective during the Promotion Period with a minimum total annualised aggregate premium3 of HKD5,000 (“Annualised Aggregate Premium”) for all New Purchase and existing Eligible Plans2 on the Allianz Cut Off Date as specified in Clause 3 of Terms and Conditions of Health $aver Rewards Program. In addition, the Eligible Client must maintain the following conditions:

i) such Annualised Aggregated Premiums3 are paid by the relevant due dates; and

ii) minimum monthly average balance in the Designated Account1,7 as set out in Clause 4 of Program Eligibility and Bank Account Balance

Please refer to  Health  $aver  Rewards Program’s Terms and conditions for details.

7. The Bank will credit the cash reward to the respective Designated Account (exclude MortgageOne® Account and Mortgage $aver Current Account) held by eligible client in sole name or in the capacity as primary account holder for joint account in the following sequence:

a) Integrated Deposits Account; or

b) Current Account; or

c) Statement Savings Account; or

d) Passbook Savings Account

If Eligible Client has more than one account under same account type, the Bank will select any one of the accounts with the latest account opening date for the crediting at its discretion.

8. Allianz Medical Protect is VHIS certified Standard plan – Certification Number: S00030-01-000-01. Allianz Ultra Medical Protect is VHIS certified Flexi Plan: Allianz Ultra Medical Protect  (Silver Plan) – Certification Number: F00033-01-000-01;  Allianz Ultra Medical Protect  (Silver Plan with SMM) – Certification Number: F00033-01-001-01;  Allianz Ultra Medical Protect (Gold Plan) – Certification Number: F00033-02-000-01; Allianz Ultra Medical Protect (Gold Plan with SMM) – Certification Number: F00033-02-001-01.

9. The Bank and Allianz reserve the right to determine or change the calculation methods applied under the Rewards (including in ascertaining the amount of any applicable balance requirements) and verify the client’s transaction records in considering the client’s eligibility for the Rewards. In case of any disputes, the Bank and Allianz’ decision shall be final and binding.