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Shilingi Funds

Enjoy the experience of investing in money market funds through the SC Mobile app and enjoy attractive returns with free unlimited withdrawals.

How much can I earn on Investment Services?

Initial investment amount
Enter value between 0 and 120000000
Regular monthly deposit amount
Enter value between 0 and 50000000
Annual yield (%)
Enter Interest between 2 and 15

Enter valid tenor

Initial investment amount
Total additional regular deposit
Future investment value
Effective annual rate
Total interest earned

Notes: The effective annual yield is net of annual management fees by the fund manager and is gross of the with-holding tax and the admin charge by the bank. These calculations are approximate as annual yield is subject to change on a daily basis. Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Terms and Conditions apply*


A perfect way to save for short to medium term goals and manage your money.

Invest while you save! SC Shilingi funds help you to invest your weekly, or monthly savings in short-term money market funds that give an attractive rate of return.

SC Shilingi Funds

It could be yours

Standard Chartered Bank Uganda Limited is regulated by Bank of Uganda. Customer deposits are protected by Deposit Protection Fund up to UGX 10 million. Terms and conditions apply. Our Investment Products and Services are distributed by Standard Chartered Bank Uganda Limited (SCBU) that is licensed by the Capital Markets Authority as an Investment Advisor.