Women in business


Women in business 

We offer a range of advice, support and training for women setting up or expanding their business.

Here are some of the way we're supporting women entrepreneurs across our markets,

  • Working with the Bangladesh Federation of Women Entrepreneurs to deliver training and development
  • Supporting war widows in Sri Lanka’s Jaffna peninsula with microfinance loans. Interest from the repayments are targeted at being fed back into the Seeing is Believing fund for the region
  • Offering our Diva account which caters specifically to women’s needs through customised debit cards, discounts, benefits, and membership to the Diva club
  • Creating networking opportunities and development seminars for our women clients and business owners, such as roundtable breakfasts, health and wellbeing events, and financial literacy training
  • Launching our Care4Ladies insurance plan in Ghana, which is tailored specifically to provide coverage on the specific health needs of our women customers
  • Offering our women entrepreneurs in India a bundled Business Installment Loan with preferential pricing and features
  • Offering partially secured loans with lower interest rates to women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh and Malaysia
  • Opening all-women branches in India and Sri Lanka, providing customers with a safe and comfortable environment in which to discuss their financial matters.

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