Keeping economies moving

Trading port 

When businesses succeed, communities flourish. That’s why, at the height of the global financial crisis, we were the first to work with the World Bank in boosting global trade flows, ensuring trade could continue across our markets.

Since then, we’ve built on our efforts, for example through our programme with the OPEC Fund for International Development aimed at strengthening the growth of trade flows in emerging markets. By helping businesses to access credit, we’re bringing greater capacity to local economies and increasing confidence in local and regional trade flows. We expect the programme to generate trade volumes of USD 4 billion per year, with far-reaching impact across 25 countries and some 20,000 customers. All this keeps economies moving.

In these times of increasing uncertainty, we strive to encourage global trade - it’s the lifeblood of our local economies, and key to protecting businesses and the communities they depend on.

What’s next?

Environmental and social risk

We manage the environmental, social & governance risks that come with our financing decisions.

How we finance

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We're Here for good

Our Goal Programme - one of the ways we're Here for good

Here for good is our brand promise, and is at the heart of all we do for businesses, for economies, for people, and for communities.


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