Straight2Bank Pay Digitalising collections, your way

Available in 13 markets across Asia, Africa and the Middle East - and growing - Straight2Bank Pay is a one-stop global platform and your go-to solution to provide customers with different digital payment options, online and offline.

Your challenge

The payment ecosystem today is dynamic – and there is a wide range, and ever-growing list of digital payment options available to consumers. Keeping up is a challenge and can even increase the cost of doing business.

If you’re thinking of how to offer customers more digital payment options without needing multiple integrations and managing different collection accounts with providers across markets, Straight2Bank Pay is for you.

Straight2Bank Pay - Digitalising collections, your way

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Meet your immediate challenges and long-term aspirations


Accelerate your ability to scale and collect digitally across countries, working with a single provider, a single point of integration, and minimal investment.

Peace of mind

Benefit from our superior infrastructure that meets the highest standards of security, integrity, and stability. Be at ease knowing that you are working with a trustworthy bank.

Real-time information

Receive payment notifications in real time, along with data analytics, so you can stay informed while focussing on what matters - your business. Plus, leverage our standardised reporting combined with automated reconciliation to enhance your cash visibility.

Be future-ready

Shorten your speed to market and make available a range of digital payment options for your customers easily, with flexible integration options that support an omnichannel payment acceptance.

Use cases

Straight2Bank Pay can be tailored to different business needs, providing you with a unified digital commerce solution across all your sales channels and business models. Plus, your customers can enjoy a seamless checkout and payment experience.

Collections via online store

Add payment methods to your online store easily so your customers can pay seamlessly. This improves the checkout experience and increases your conversion rates.

Collections via mobile app

Like collections via an online store, you can add payment methods to your mobile app easily for a seamless checkout experience.

Collections in physical stores

Enhance the in-store experience for your customers by allowing them to scan and pay using a QR code generated by our Straight2Bank Pay app or your POS device. Alternatively they can also pay via payment link.

Remote collections

There is no need for your customers to visit your store - simply collect payments remotely by sharing a Payment Link via email, SMS or any other communication channel. Plus, you have the flexibility to generate the link on your own or obtain it from us.

Payment on delivery

Replace your cash-on-delivery with digital payment modes enabled through the handheld device of your delivery agent, the Straight2Bank Pay app or Payment Link, to collect payments on the go.

Bill payment

Get paid faster by embedding a QR code or a payment link on your invoices. Alternatively, allow your customers to self-service by obtaining and paying their invoice digitally with our Bill Present and Collect solution.

Case Studies

Offer your customers a wide variety of digital payment options while minimising the number of merchant accounts and contracts with payment service providers.

One of the world’s leading mail and logistics group uses Standard Chartered’s Straight2Bank Pay to:

  • Allow customers across several markets to make online payments in local currencies– via various payment methods including QR codes and instant payments - for shipping charges, duties and taxes
  • Digitise their in-store collections and payments on delivery
  • Stay updated with real-time notification on transactions status in order to release goods
  • Perform auto-reconciliation and access standardised, consolidated reports via their ERP system

Bring convenience and assurance to your customers while eliminating cumbersome processes.

An international insurance provider uses Standard Chartered’s Straight2Bank Pay to:

  • Enable cards as a payment method for online collection of insurance premiums, with real-time transaction status notification
  • Void transactions and initiate refunds via API
  • Schedule settlements for every successful transaction, with automated reconciliation of transactions and settlement reports
  • Ensure bank-grade security standards for communication between the payment gateway and internal system(s)
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