International Banking: Transfer money

Transfer money overseas for free

Send and receive funds conveniently from anywhere with your Standard Chartered Bank account.


Faster international fund transfers

Instant or same day fund transfer whether you are sending money for children's tuition fee, your own international account or sending money back home.


Keep your finger on the financial pulse

With just a few taps on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, you can access our global market insights for fresh perspectives and key information to act on.


Guaranteed rates & 0 transfer fees

Easily view how much you are paying on foreign exchange and charges before initiating a transfer.


Pay like a local from anywhere

With our multi-currency debit card you can withdraw cash from any of our ATMs globally and transfer funds from anywhere. Get access to competitive and guaranteed foreign exchange rates.

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Discover how simple it is to grow, manage and protect your wealth.


Investing in an overseas property

Discover how simple it is to invest in prime London properties.


Move overseas seamlessly

Discover out how simple international banking is.


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