Reorganisation impact for careers

We recently announced that our two businesses, Wholesale Banking and Consumer Banking, will be integrated to form one business, organised into three customer segment groups and serviced by five global product groups. The reorganisation will take effect on 1 April 2014.

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Answering your questions

Find answers to questions about how the reorganisation may affect your offer or application. If you can't find what you're looking for contact us.

Why are we reorganising our structure?show/hide

Our aspirations announced on 11 November 2013, outlined what we want to do to capture the huge growth opportunities in our markets. This new structure outlines how we will organise ourselves to deliver these aspirations and drive the next ten years of growth by:

  • Focussing the deployment of resources more effectively across the whole organisation to capture the biggest growth opportunities in our markets and maximise returns. 
  • Serving clients and customers better by grouping them more logically by their needs, while offering a broader and more consistent range of products to all segments, creating further income growth opportunities. 
  • Achieving cost savings by removing the duplication that exists both in the two businesses’ product teams and in the functions that support them, including Risk, Finance, Legal and Compliance, Human Resources, and Technology and Operations, and by creating consistent infrastructure and processes. 
  • Strengthening our distinctive culture, enhancing collaboration across the Group, providing a stronger, more consistent brand experience and reinforcing the Group’s framework and processes to ensure the highest standards of conduct across all aspects of our business.

Read more about our reorganisation

Given the reorganisation, is it still the right time for me to join the Bank?show/hide

Yes, now is a great time for you to join Standard Chartered as our people will continue to play an instrumental role in reshaping the future of the Bank and you will be part of that.

We are confident in our markets, which continue to offer significant opportunities for growth, and in our competitive strengths. This new structure will enable us to deliver our aspirations for growth and returns and to adapt to our changing environment.

The reorganisation of our business is a critical next step as we implement our refreshed strategy and reinvigorate our growth momentum. The fundamentals of who we are and what we care about – Here for good, our values, our culture, our people – all remain.

What impact does the reorganisation have on my application or offer?show/hide

The way in which the organisation works is changing and the impact on your offer will depend on your role.

Our people remain critical to our growth agenda as we implement our refreshed strategy enabling us sharpen our focus on distinct customer segments. The changes will enable us to continue to build opportunities and succession for the next generation of leadership and will also provide opportunities to accelerate the talent development.

In the unlikely event that your application or offer is impacted, a Talent Acquisition Manager will contact you in a timely manner.

Who will I be reporting to in the new structure?show/hide

We are currently in the process of bringing together our two businesses and this may have an impact on your reporting manager.

We will reach out to you if this impacts your reporting manager as we redefine our organisation structure. In the unlikely event that your application or offer is impacted, a Talent Acquisition Manager will contact you in a timely manner

Will the reorganisation impact Graduate recruitment?show/hide

All Graduate programmes will continue to be one of our key people priorities.

The recent announcements on organisation restructure will inevitably have an impact on some of the programme design etc, however, if your offer is impacted, a Talent Acquisition Manager will contact you with more information.

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