#IDAHOT: Nobody should feel they can’t be themselves at work

Adrian and Raheel met and became friends through our Allies Network, which provides support for all our LGBT+ colleagues

We believe everybody should be welcomed and accepted for who they are. Research from Stonewall suggests that more than one-third of LGBT+ people hide who they are at work for fear of discrimination. At Standard Chartered, we run Allies Networks to provide support for our LGBT+ colleagues. Adrian and Raheel, who met through our Allies Network, are now friends as well as colleagues. In recognition of the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT), they wanted to share their story.

#IDAHOT 2018 "I've taught myself it's ok to be who you are"

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#IDAHOT: I want others to feel as included as I do

Our UK LGBT+ & Allies Network co-chair, Ben Cawley, believes positive messaging can make a difference

Why LGBT+ inclusion makes business sense

Our CEO, Bill Winters, on challenging society to open up to LGBT+ inclusion

International Women's Day - press for progress

Diversity matters: striving for gender balance

We're supporting the international call to press forward and progress gender equality

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