A company to match my ambitions: Mehvash’s story

As a passionate advocate for volunteer work and female empowerment issues, Mehvash has found an organisation that matches her ambitions.

Mehvash Zaidi, Segment Manager, Islamic and Personal Banking


I have always been encouraged to follow my dreams and live by my values and principles. I thrive on challenge and so I need to work for a company that can match my ambitions. That’s what first attracted me to Standard Chartered, as the only international bank in Pakistan.

"I admire Standard Chartered’s commitment to their people."

My ambitious role with Saadiq Islamic Banking keeps me busy, as well as the volunteer work I do in my community. I’m proud to be chairperson of the first transgender school in Pakistan. I also collect surplus food from restaurants to distribute to the poorest communities via The Robin Hood Army, and have a passion for traditional Indian classical dancing which I have been learning since childhood.

I admire Standard Chartered’s commitment to their people. I’ve only had positive experiences on both a personal and professional level, whether it’s being heard as part of a women’s empowerment programme or recognition for a job well done. I am also encouraged to raise my professional profile and have been well supported by my managers.

I love being part of my team where we focus on finding solutions, sharing knowledge and learning from each other all the time. I hadn’t seen myself as a banker, but I have always wanted to be a revolutionary leader. My career at Standard Chartered gives me this opportunity. My biggest source of motivation is delivering results and making a difference within my team.

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