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Be part of the world’s largest financial Haskell team

At Standard Chartered we have dozens of developers working on very diverse financial market projects within corporate and institutional banking. Some of our projects are user-facing GUIs, others are server-side request handlers or reporting tools. Their scope ranges from small applications to support a single team, to processes that handle millions of trades, or have thousands of users. We use Haskell (or our in-house variant, Mu) for practically everything we do.

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Modelling and Analytics Group (MAG)

MAG sits within Financial Markets and is responsible for the analytics library (Cortex) used for pricing and risk management of Financial Markets, Risk and Capital products. Cortex is used in various runtime environments and embedded in multiple applications across the bank. Development on the 5.5 million lines of Haskell code ranges from financial products analytics to applications and core support.

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Core Strats

Core Strats is a team of about 40 developers located mostly in London, Singapore, and Warsaw. As part of MAG, its responsibility is building and supporting the framework on which analytics libraries are built and developing applications and reports for end users, primarily sales and trading. We offer flexible working arrangements from the country of employment and require demonstrated FP experience. We hire at all skill levels, offering training to improve FP, Haskell and financial skills.