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The Offshore Renminbi Review: Offshore market should continue to broaden and deepen

28/08/2014RMB Insights / Asia

The sixth review took place in March and April 2014 and surveyed treasurers and senior treasury/finance executives from Asia, Europe and the US concerning their current and planned offshore Renminbi (RMB) activity: deposits, trade settlement, FX transactions, CNH bonds, loans, financial instruments in CNH. For the first time, users were queried on how they manage their RMB risk and non-users were asked for their attitude toward offshore Renminbi.

Key themes in this review

  • Corporates plan to broaden their product use in the next 6 months
  • Most repeat respondents have expanded their usage
  • Improved control, risk management and efficiency
  • Firms that both export to and import from China companies are more positive
  • FX continues to be the most widely used product
  • Increasing share of trade being settled via offshore RMB
  • Business interactions with China - offshore RMB usage remains most popular amongst traders who import from or export to China companies
  • Trade settlement and currency preferences – firms with two-way flows dominate 

The Offshore Renminbi Review

The Offshore Renminbi Review is part of our Renminbi Research series, and is a quarterly survey of corporate opinion, conducted by Asset Benchmark Research.

Read the full report of this sixth review in English or Simplified Chinese.

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