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“Tech” it forward: Arthur’s story

1 Nov 2022

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When COVID hit, my team and I were forced to learn new ways of working. The lockdown period gave us the opportunity to look at how to help our colleagues in a different way. Since we were not able to offer on-site support, we developed training curriculum to help colleagues to adapt new tools remotely.

Post COVID, there was an opportunity to educate the local elderly residents in embracing digital as a lifestyle. My team was confident in helping as we have learned to adapt quickly to the needs of our colleagues during lockdown, and this can translate into meeting the needs of our community as well.

Over the course of two weekends, my team hosted drop-in sessions for more than 300 residents. Using our training skills and technical expertise, we were able to make a real difference to their lives. We shared some simple ways of using technology to connect with family abroad and accessibility features to overcome their day-to-day challenges via their smartphone.

“Being able to bridge this digital gap made me hugely proud, and it also taught me that you’re certainly never too old to learn something new.”

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