Ji Hyun Shin

Analyst, CCIB Strategic Workforce Planning

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Ji Hyun joined us as an HR international graduate and is now working as a Corporate, Commercial and Institutional Banking (CCIB) Strategic Workforce Planning Analyst responsible for building and preparing the CCIB workforce to be future ready. She specialises in leadership and talent development, which are areas of particular passion. Before her current role, Ji Hyun held various roles, from graduate programme manager, with responsibility for hiring and developing international graduates, to regional talent manager, where she was responsible for developing and executing our talent strategy to strengthen the leadership pipeline.

Ji Hyun has been based in Hong Kong, but will soon move to Singapore and has previously lived in Korea and the United States. She is an associated certified coach by International Coach Federation and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles. She loves unleashing her creativity through writing and drawing, and is currently obsessed with learning coding.

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