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Head, Thematic Research

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Madhur is responsible for providing a comprehensive and thematic overview of key macroeconomic developments globally. Prior to joining Standard Chartered, Madhur worked at HSBC in London for six years, primarily as a global economist, but also covering European economics, particularly Spain. She also gained experience in emerging-market economics research from her stints as a CEEMEA economist at a leading research consultancy in London and as a foreign exchange economist at ICICI Bank in India, where she also worked in foreign exchange derivative sales. Madhur holds a Masters in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, India.

Insights Insights by Madhur

COVID-19: reshaping the future of supply chains

From just-in-time to just-in-case supply chains, companies may look to re-shore or near-shore production.

| 26 May 2020

Lowflation: Is helicopter money needed?

Don't rule out helicopter money as a policy tool for supporting growth in today's lowflation world.

| 29 Jan 2020

Emerging Asia is the present and future for growth

Emerging Asia contributes two-thirds of global GDP growth – and it’s likely to stay that way

Trade beyond borders | 27 Aug 2019

The truth about the productivity slump

The digital revolution is yet to make its big impact on global productivity – it will happen, just not quite…

Trade beyond borders | 22 Nov 2017

Trump and trade: an own goal?

Our expert examines what more US protectionism could mean for the US and the rest of the world

Trade beyond borders | 17 May 2017

Growing old before getting rich

Asia’s old age time bomb – why now is the time to take action

Trade beyond borders | 15 Feb 2017

How to escape the productivity slump

We look at the potential winners and losers in the race to generate growth and jobs from services

Trade beyond borders | 22 Sep 2016

How to spot an opportunity entrepreneur

Some entrepreneurs create more jobs than others – telling the difference can be vital for governments, our survey shows

Expand your business | 26 Apr 2016

Money, money, money – the forgotten indicator

There may be growth surprises ahead, if you know where to look

Trade beyond borders | 15 Mar 2016

China’s housing market: the world is watching

Housing in China is set to pick up again after 2017, but for now the sector is casting a long…

Trade beyond borders | 25 Nov 2015

Inflation: down, but not out

How worried should we be about deflation? Time to get the pressure on prices into perspective

Trade beyond borders | 13 Oct 2015

Flourishing services trade could boost world growth

Trade in services trade is high on everyone’s agenda and it’s not hard to see why

Trade beyond borders | 2 Jul 2015

Global supply chains – shifting not shortening

Robotics and rising wages in China will not spell the end of global supply chains, merely reshape them

Trade beyond borders | 29 May 2015

The damaging fixation on risks

Too much focus on uncertainties could be holding back economic recovery

Trade beyond borders | 21 Apr 2015

Financial inclusion – why we should care

There has never been a better opportunity for financial inclusion to succeed. The benefits are potentially huge

Trade beyond borders | 29 Sep 2014