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Madhur is responsible for providing a comprehensive and thematic overview of key macroeconomic developments globally. Prior to joining Standard Chartered, Madhur worked at HSBC in London for six years, primarily as a global economist, but also covering European economics, particularly Spain. She also gained experience in emerging-market economics research from her stints as a CEEMEA economist at a leading research consultancy in London and as a foreign exchange economist at ICICI Bank in India, where she also worked in foreign exchange derivative sales. Madhur holds a Masters in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, India.

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COVID-19: reshaping the future of supply chains

From just-in-time to just-in-case supply chains, companies may look to re-shore or near-shore production.

| 26 May 2020

Lowflation: Is helicopter money needed?

Don't rule out helicopter money as a policy tool for supporting growth in today's lowflation world.

| 29 Jan 2020

Emerging Asia is the present and future for growth

Emerging Asia contributes two-thirds of global GDP growth – and it’s likely to stay that way

Trade beyond borders | 27 Aug 2019

Why bitcoin isn’t a real threat to major currencies – any time soon

Cryptocurrencies are disrupting the financial landscape, but their challenge to traditional currencies may be limited

Navigate the future | 24 Apr 2018

The truth about the productivity slump

The digital revolution is yet to make its big impact on global productivity – it will happen, just not quite…

Trade beyond borders | 22 Nov 2017

Trump and trade: an own goal?

Our expert examines what more US protectionism could mean for the US and the rest of the world

Trade beyond borders | 17 May 2017

Growing old before getting rich

Asia’s old age time bomb – why now is the time to take action

Trade beyond borders | 15 Feb 2017

Women’s jobs at risk from tech disruption

Men stand to gain one job for every three jobs lost, while women will gain one for every five

Navigate the future | 8 Dec 2016

How to escape the productivity slump

We look at the potential winners and losers in the race to generate growth and jobs from services

Trade beyond borders | 22 Sep 2016

How to spot an opportunity entrepreneur

Some entrepreneurs create more jobs than others – telling the difference can be vital for governments, our survey shows

Expand your business | 26 Apr 2016

Money, money, money – the forgotten indicator

There may be growth surprises ahead, if you know where to look

Trade beyond borders | 15 Mar 2016

China’s housing market: the world is watching

Housing in China is set to pick up again after 2017, but for now the sector is casting a long…

Trade beyond borders | 25 Nov 2015

Inflation: down, but not out

How worried should we be about deflation? Time to get the pressure on prices into perspective

Trade beyond borders | 13 Oct 2015

Flourishing services trade could boost world growth

Trade in services trade is high on everyone’s agenda and it’s not hard to see why

Trade beyond borders | 2 Jul 2015

Global supply chains – shifting not shortening

Robotics and rising wages in China will not spell the end of global supply chains, merely reshape them

Trade beyond borders | 29 May 2015

The damaging fixation on risks

Too much focus on uncertainties could be holding back economic recovery

Trade beyond borders | 21 Apr 2015

New technologies – why emerging markets stand to gain

Fears over the impact of robotics and 3D printing are exaggerated and miss the huge potential benefits for emerging markets

Navigate the future | 10 Feb 2015

Adoption, not invention, is the key to technology success

Technology adoption is the driving force in economic growth as users reap more benefits than inventors

Navigate the future | 21 Jan 2015

Financial inclusion – why we should care

There has never been a better opportunity for financial inclusion to succeed. The benefits are potentially huge

Trade beyond borders | 29 Sep 2014

Global trade will recover – but change dramatically

Trade will soon be growing faster than GDP again, but global trade patterns are changing

Trade beyond borders | 10 Apr 2014

The super-cycle lives on and emerging markets are driving it

The world remains in a ‘super-cycle’ of unusually rapid economic growth, underpinned by emerging markets

Trade beyond borders | 7 Nov 2013

Emerging economies are making big leaps in real development

Over the last decade, emerging economies have made big leaps in real development. Find out how

Trade beyond borders | 18 Sep 2013