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Manpreet gill

Manpreet Gill

Chief Investment Officer of Africa, Middle East and Europe

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Manpreet Gill is Chief Investment Officer for the Africa, Middle-East and Europe (AMEE) region and heads a team specialising in the Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities (FICC) asset classes. He is a key member of the Bank’s Group Investment Committee and an advisor to the Discretionary Portfolio Management division.

Manpreet has close to two decades of financial markets experience across asset classes. His previous roles have included Asia Strategist at Barclays Wealth in Singapore and G10 FX Strategist at ICICI Bank in India. He holds degrees from INSEAD, the Delhi School of Economics and St. Stephen’s College.

Manpreet’s views are widely sought by both clients and the media. He frequently appears on international media, such as CNBC and Bloomberg, regularly writes for regional newspapers and social media and speaks at key industry forums.

While Manpreet is now based in Dubai, he has previously lived in Singapore as well as several other countries across Asia, Middle-East, Africa and Europe. He is an ardent motorsport fan.

Insights Insights by Manpreet

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