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Philippe Dauba-Pantanacce

Philippe Dauba-Pantanacce

Senior Economist, Global Geopolitical Strategist

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Based in London, Philippe is responsible for global geopolitical economic analysis, assessing global risks and their economic implications. After eight years covering the Middle East, he is leveraging his expertise in regional geopolitics to inform his global coverage. Philippe is in regular contact with policy makers and multilateral institutions. He participates in think-tank projects and regularly comments in global media. Before joining the Bank in 2007, Philippe worked for HSBC, for the French embassy in Washington and in the US Congress. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s in Business from the University of Paris (Dauphine), and Master’s degrees in International Relations from Sciences-Po (Paris) and the School of International Affairs at Columbia University.

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The political implications of COVID-19

As economies and healthcare systems struggle to cope with COVID-19, we share insights on how the coronavirus pandemic is shaping…

| 20 Apr 2020

The high-stakes elections of 2017

The French presidential elections represent the highest stakes of a busy election calendar for the first half of the year.

Trade beyond borders | 16 Feb 2017

Supply chains in a post-Brexit world – the reality check

Our expert looks at the challenge posed by Brexit to UK supply chains

Trade beyond borders | 24 Jan 2017

Trump, Brexit and European politics

Following Donald Trump’s surprise victory, which other countries in the West could see a populist regime change?

Trade beyond borders | 18 Nov 2016

Chart: the world’s most global cities

London, New York and Paris are the world’s most ‘global’ cities, but three Asian contenders could disrupt the order

Trade beyond borders | 10 Oct 2016

Chart: Brexit – lessons from the Swiss

The Swiss-EU trade deal was years in the making. The EU is unlikely to want a repeat in its post-Brexit…

Trade beyond borders | 13 Sep 2016

Chart: Cyber threats are on the rise

The impact of cyber attacks is growing exponentially, making it a growing global issue

Navigate the future | 24 Aug 2016

Chart: a climate deal with huge economic impact

Why the Paris climate deal is particularly good news for emerging markets

Trade beyond borders | 9 Aug 2016

Chart: One in two lacks internet access

Access to the internet is still profoundly uneven, between continents and countries. But regions with low penetration rates are catching…

Navigate the future | 4 Aug 2016

Dubai: the UAE’s hedge against oil

With a well-connected transport hub, Dubai is driving growth and job creation beyond oil

Trade beyond borders | 4 Feb 2015