Big banks still have an edge – even on fintech

Standard Chartered CEO Bill Winters talks to fintech consultants 11:FS about the future of digital finance – and how regulatory expertise can help, not hinder, innovation

Customers are ready for digital banking tools - and digital-first banks are moving quickly to provide them.

But financial services providers must act responsibly. This gives larger organisations with experience in compliance an often-overlooked edge.

In a Spotlight conversation with fintech consultants 11:FS, our CEO Bill Winters offers an inside look at how established banks can use their regulatory knowledge to unlock innovation at scale.

Watch now to discover:

  • How banks can blend the power of tools like AI with the personal relationships customers value
  • Why tackling threats like money laundering will be key to the future of fintech
  • How working with third party companies through SC Ventures has enabled a culture of responsible innovation

How to innovate in a highly regulated industry

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