Infographic: The G7’s missed opportunity

Membership of the privileged group of G7 nations is no longer a passport to growth

Our new G7 to E7 trade performance index calculates the difference between potential and actual exports, revealing who's winning the emerging trade race. Here's snapshot of the findings.

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Renminbi tracker: How global is the renminbi?

Our Renminbi Globalisation Index has tracked the internationalisation of China’s currency since 2011

Trade beyond borders | 8 Aug 2018

Our survey says… China’s tech future lies in the Greater Bay Area

One of China’s most dynamic regions is reaching an exciting turning point, boding well for its economy

Trade beyond borders | 1 Aug 2018

The three main risks facing the global economy

A potential US-China trade war, oil price shocks and the end of the QE era could impact global growth –…

Trade beyond borders | 18 Jul 2018

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