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Welcome to a more secure payment method with 6-digit PIN

Welcome to a more secure payment method with 6-digit PIN

We are pleased to inform that you will be receiving a new debit card from us in the near future. This is in line with Bank Negara Malaysia’s initiative to migrate all debit card transactions in Malaysia from signature-based to PIN and Pay based transactions, which means that whenever you purchase goods and/or services via your debit card, you need to key-in your 6-Digit PIN. Your signature is no longer required.

To ensure a smooth banking experience, we urge you to visit your nearest branch to collect your new and enhanced debit card. Please bring along the following:

• Your Standard Chartered debit card; and
• MyKad or passport

Once you have collected your debit card, kindly proceed to the nearest Standard Chartered Bank ATM and activate your debit card OR you may also activate your debit card and create 6 digit PIN via online banking.


Step 1 – Card activation and create 6-Digit PIN via ATM
New Cardholders
Existing Cardholders
1. Insert card into ATM* 1. Insert card into ATM*
2. Enter PIN 2. Enter PIN
3. Select “Change PIN” 3. Select “Change PIN”
4. Enter your new 6-Digit PIN 4. Enter your new 6-Digit PIN
*Applicable to Standard Chartered Bank / Standard Chartered Saadiq ATMs located in Malaysia.
Step 2 – Make payment at Point of Sale
Make Payment at Point of Sale*
Use your 6-Digit PIN when you are prompted for a PIN
1. Insert your card at the terminal
2. Securely key in your 6-Digit PIN when prompted as no signature is required

*Real-time update is available for Standard Chartered debit card. You can conveniently check your latest debit card transaction details and account balance anytime via our Standard Chartered Online Banking, Mobile Banking or ATMs.

*When using your Standard Chartered debit card in Malaysia, the choice of card payment network will be determined by online / retail outlets. This is in line with Bank Negara Malaysia’s objective to promote card payment system efficiency.

In addition, the new Chip & PIN debit card comes with a MyDebit contactless application which allows you to perform cashless transactions at MyDebit terminals for transactions below RM250.

Your debit card cumulative contactless limit is defaulted to RM500 per day. If you would like to set a lower limit or opt out of this feature, please contact us at 1300 888 888 / 03-7711 8888 or visit any of our branches.

Terms & Conditions

To find out more about this initiative, please speak to us at 1300 888111. Please click here for the Standard Chartered Debit Card Pin and Pay FAQ and click here for the Standard Chartered Saadiq Debit Card-i Pin and Pay FAQ.

Please click here to view the latest product Terms and Condition and click here to view the latest Saadiq Personal Account Rules and Regulations.

Please click here to view the debit card product disclosure sheet and click here to view the Saadiq debit card-i product disclosure sheet.

Please click here for PIN & PAY video.

Please click here for ‘MyDebit with Fazura’