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A rewarding way to build your wealth with 4% p.a.# Wealth Bonus.
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  2. Priority Plus-i Wealth Bonus

A rewarding way to build your wealth with 4% p.a.# Wealth Bonus.

Save and invest your way to better returns
  • Earn Wealth Bonus of
    4% p.a.#

    when you save and invest in Eligible Unit Trust with Priority Plus-i account

  • Enjoy
    full flexibility

    to invest fully or partially in Eligible Unit Trust over 3 months without missing out on savings rates

  • Access your funds
    anytime, anywhere

    without lock-in period

4% p.a.# Wealth Bonus for 3 months awaits you

Earn high savings account prevailing rates plus additional 4% p.a.# when you invest in any Eligible Unit Trust from now until 31 December 2021.

ACCOUNT BALANCE AMOUNT (RM) PREVAILING RATE % (P.A.) 4% p.a.# will be paid based on investment value or incremental Asset Under Management, whichever is lower

(1) Invest minimum cumulative Eligible Unit Trust of
(2) Attain incremental Asset Under Management of minimum

Below 100,000 0.10
100,000 to 1 million 1.50
Above 1 million to 5 million 1.75
Above 5 million 2.00
# Wealth Bonus is calculated p.a. for 3 months.

PIDM  Perbankan Islam

* Only deposits are protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor.

* Click here for PIDM’s DIS Brochure

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