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[SU2 – By Invitation Only] Supplementary Card Upspend Campaign Q2 2024 Terms and Conditions (27 March 2024 – 30 June 2024)


  1. The Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad (“SCBMB / the Bank”) Supplementary Card Upspend Campaign Q2 2024 Campaign commences on 27 March 2024 and ends on 30 June 2024, inclusive of both dates (“Campaign Period”).
  1. By participating in this Campaign, participants agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions below.
  1. This Campaign Terms must be read with the respective product terms and the relevant banking agreements. If there are any inconsistencies between these terms and the relevant product terms and the banking agreement these terms shall prevail.

Eligibility (“Eligible Cardholders / participants”)

  1. This Campaign is open to Supplementary credit cardholders of any credit card that are tagged to existing and valid Principal credit cards (other than corporate cards) issued by the Bank (“SCBMB Card”) who are invited by the Bank through Short Messaging Service (“SMS”) or Push Notification (“PN”) via SC Mobile or Electronic Direct Mailer (“EDM”) (collectively known as “Invitation Channel”), to participate in this Campaign, and who have maintained all their accounts with the Bank in good standing, without any breach of the terms and conditions or banking agreements, throughout the Campaign Period.
  1. Individuals below the age of 18 years are not eligible for this Campaign.
  1. Cardholders whose accounts are cancelled, or terminated for any reason, or suspended for any breach or suspected breach by the cardholder, during the Campaign Period will not be entitled to receive any Cashback (as defined below) under this Campaign.

Participation and Qualifying Criteria

  1. To participate, Eligible Cardholders must spend a minimum of RM600 (“Minimum Spend Criteria”) a month in a single or multiple retail transactions (either local or overseas spend) using the SCBMB Card(s) specified in the Invitation Channel, within the Campaign Month as shown in Table A to be eligible to win the Cashback. For avoidance of doubt, Eligible Cardholders are not allowed to combine retail transactions using multiple SCBMB Cards to meet the Minimum Spend Criteria.

Table A

Campaign Month Campaign Month Period Minimum Spend Criteria
1 27 March – 30 April 2024 RM600
2 1 – 31 May 2024 RM600
3 1 – 30 June 2024 RM600
  1. Retail transactions exclude easy payment schemes, cash advances, cash withdrawals, charges for cash advance or cash withdrawals, annual fees, interest, finance charges, late payments fees, disputed transactions, Balance Transfer Plus, Flexi-on-Balance Plus, FlexiPay Plus, and Cash-On-Call Plus.
  1. Transactions made by 30 June 2024 must be posted to the Eligible Cardholder’s credit card account(s) as shown in Table A by 12 July 2024 to be included towards meeting the Minimum Spend Criteria. Please note that transactions may be posted by the merchant as late as 30 days after the transaction date. The Bank will not be held responsible for late posting.
  1. Charges which are subsequently voided / refunded, disputed or charged-back to the card, balance transfers, disputed transactions and any fees charged by the Bank, including but not limited to charges for cash advance or cash withdrawals, annual fees, interest, finance charges, late fees, and such other charges are excluded from the definition of retail transactions for the purposes of this Campaign. 

Reward: Cashback (“Cashback”)

  1. At the end of the Campaign Period, Eligible Cardholders who meet the specified Minimum Spend Criteria as indicated in Cause 7 may be selected (at the Bank’s sole discretion and determination) as winners in sequential order from the first Eligible Cardholder who meet the required Minimum Spend Criteria until the Cashback capping for the Campaign Month is reached, as shown in Table B.

Table B

Campaign Month Cashback amount Cashback

Capping (Number of Eligible Cardholder)

1 RM20 100
2 RM20 100
3 RM20 100
  1. Subject to Clause 11 above, each Eligible Cardholder may receive a maximum of RM60 throughout the Campaign Period regardless of the number of SCBMB Cards used.
  1. All Cashback will be credited to the Eligible Cardholder’s SCBMB Card account within ninety (90) calendar days from the end of Campaign Period.
  1. The Eligible Cardholder loses his/her entitlement to the Cashback and will have to refund the Cashback to the Bank if:
  1. the Eligible Cardholder breaches any of the terms and conditions of the SCBMB Cards; or
  2. the Bank discovers at any time that the Eligible Cardholder did not in fact satisfy the requirements under this Campaign
  1. This refund may be done by either one of the following methods, at the Bank’s discretion, and the Eligible Cardholder agree for this to be done:
  1. the Bank may charge the refund amount to the Eligible Cardholder’s credit card account; or
  2. the Bank may debit the refund amount from any current or savings account held by the Eligible Cardholder with the Bank.
  1. If an Eligible Cardholder closes and/or cancels all his SCBMB Card and or account(s) before the Cashback is credited, the Eligible Cardholder loses his/her entitlement to the Cashback and is not entitled to any payment or compensation. Cashback will not be paid to the Eligible Cardholder’s current and/or savings account with the Bank.


  1. The Bank’s records of details and transactions are final and conclusive for purposes of this Campaign.
  1. The Bank’s decisions relating to this Campaign are final and binding all participants. If any matters, dispute or claim arise which are not covered in these Terms and Conditions, they will be determined solely by the Bank.
  1. The Bank may vary any of these Terms and Conditions and extend the Campaign Period. Any such change will be announced on any of the Bank’s electronic or non-electronic communication platform (i.e.: Bank’s website at sc.com/my or branch or SMS or EDM).
  1. Eligible Cardholder(s) are advised to access SCBMB website at regular intervals to view the Terms and Conditions and to ensure that they are kept up to date with any changes or variations to these Terms and Conditions.
  1. By participating in this Campaign, all participants:
    1. agree to participate in any interviews, prize giving ceremony or other publicity events required by the Bank;
    2. consent for the Bank to disclose or publish their personal information such as their names and identities and any general information that the Bank sees fit about the participants or their account(s) in any media, marketing or advertising materials; and
    3. grant the Bank the absolute and unrestricted right to modify, use and/or publish any still or moving image of the participants for any campaign, marketing, commercial or other related purpose, without any payment or compensation.
  1. This Campaign Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Malaysia. The participants agree that the Courts of Malaysia have jurisdiction over all matters arising from this Campaign.
  1. All information is accurate at the time of publication.