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Fraudelent Phishing Emails

Dear Customers,

Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited is committed to keeping your account information safe and secure, and we take this responsibility seriously. Recently, fraudulent emails and “Phishing” attacks against online consumers have been on the rise in the industry. Therefore, we are writing to raise awareness and share information that will help protect you against these new threats.

Phishing refers to fake emails that solicit your personal information. Phishing occurs through popular communication tools, including email, instant messages, peer-to-peer connections, and even visits to fake websites.

While visiting the fake website through your computer, information about your online banking activities can be forwarded to fraudsters who either access your account for fraudulent activities or sell your access information.

In view of the above please, follow the tips below to protect yourself against Phishing:

  1. Do not share your account information (user name, password, etc) with anyone. We at Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited will never solicit this information from you via email.
  2. Never download any program over the internet unless you are positive of its secure source.
  3. Your account will never be closed automatically if you do not respond to an email.
  4. Never click a link or pop-up message provided in an email that claims that it will allow you access to your account. Always use our official website www.sc.com/pk
  5. Do not search the web for finding out the Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited website or its Online Banking service URL. Always remember and access our official website by typing our official URL www.sc.com/pk directly in the browser address bar yourself.
  6. Set up real-time scanning for viruses and automatic updates of virus definitions.
  7. Always verify your transactions from bank before handing over merchandize or cash to a customer based on an alert message (SMS or Email) that seemed to have been received from the bank.

If you do receive a suspicious email, please do not respond to it and contact Standard Chartered Bank immediately at 111-002-002. You can also forward the suspicious email to ask.us@sc.com

To find out more about online banking security measures to help keep your financial information safe and secure, please go to the Online Banking login page via the Standard Chartered website at www.sc.com/pk and click on the "Security Tips".


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