Personal Banking

Simple and smarter banking to help you save, spend and get rewarded

As a Standard Chartered client, you will enjoy a banking experience that is simple and rewarding, helping you to save and spend smarter.


Simple, easy banking

Now it’s easier to focus on what really matters to you. Through our online and mobile banking platforms, transactions are quick and simple. Less time spent on banking means more time for everything else.

Simple and Easy Everyday Banking
Basic Savings Account

Basic Savings Account offers you profits that are calculated on your daily balance, and paid out twice a year

Pensioner Savings Account

Earn a rate of 5.5% APR

Easy Saver Account

A simple banking solution that gives you 5.5% APR on your savings

Roshan Digital Account

Roshan Digital Account facilitates non-resident clients to invest in Pakistan

Super Save Account

Super Save Account gives you full access to your funds at any time, and also provides you with a host of other services

High Yield Savings Account

High Yield Account offers liquidity and returns for those who need flexibility

Bonus Saver Account

Earn a rate up to 5.65% APR on this high return bonus account

Basic Banking Account

Enjoy unrivalled security and liquidity with the Standard Chartered Basic Banking Account

Rupee Term Deposit

With a perfect match of regular income and attractive returns, available in tenors ranging from 7 days to 3 years

Safe Deposit Locker

We safeguard your belongings as much as you would and ensure complete peace of mind and trust

Asaan Account

Open a Current Account today and enjoy the convenience offered via online branches and a reliable country wide ATM network

Pensioner Current Account

A Current Account without any minimum balance requirement

Rupee Current Account

A Current Account that let’s you enjoy the convenience offered via our reliable country wide ATM’s and online branches

Foreign Currency Current Account

Standard Chartered offers current, savings and term deposit accounts in foreign currency in addition to PKR deposits

Debit Card

Your Standard Chartered Debit Card is a faster, safer and a more convenient way to pay. From shopping to dining, your debit card is there for all your spending needs.


Simple financing solutions

Fast forward your plans with simple financing solutions. At Standard Chartered, our goal is to provide you access to the funds you need, when you need them.

Borrowing Solutions

Provides you the convenience of cash up


Standard Chartered Personal Loan is a hassle free way to fulfil your needs


Rewards and promotions

We value your relationship and aim to do our best to recognise it. With The Good Life, enjoy exciting lifestyle offers and promotions, at home and overseas.

Rewards and promotions
Good Life Privileges

The Good life. Enjoy incredible privileges with your SC credit card

Our Products

SC Mobile

Experience SC Mobile Banking

Standard Chartered Mobile Banking app is now available on the App Store and Google Play


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