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Ameera Hossenally on Social Mobility

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Ameera Hossenally

  • Where did you grow up and what was life like growing up?
    I grew up in Finsbury Park, North London and attended a state school. I was on free school meals as I came from a low income family and I was considered a disadvantaged student. My family situation meant that I had to take on responsibility from a young age. My sister and I had to support my mother and provide secondary care work for my brother who has leukodystrophy and CANVAS diseases.
  • What helped you get into business in the city?
    Having worked from the age of 18 and throughout my University studies I was determined to improve my life chances. I used my initiative to seek opportunities, one of which was the Pink Dynasty programme that endeavours to empower young marginalised women. I was offered a place on the programme and this gave me the opportunity to attend workshops on topics such as ‘How to write a CV’ and ‘Educating on financial literacy’
  • What difference has working in the city made to you individually?
    Working in the city has had a significant impact in my life. It has opened doors and allowed me to open doors to opportunities that I would otherwise I would not have had experienced. It has given me a platform to use my skills and experiences to reach my full potential; and also, I’ve worked with people from a wide range of socio economic backgrounds.