What is EasyCash?

EasyCash is a programme that allows you to transfer funds to your Standard Chartered bank account using your available limit from your Standard Chartered Credit Card with a one-time processing fee. You can apply for EasyCash by simply calling our Client Care Centre at 265 8000.

EasyCash Benefit

Standard Chartered EasyCash Programme Terms and Conditions apply

You can choose from a range of repayment periods from 12, 18 to 24 months with 0% interest rate.

300 25 16.67 12.5
500 41.67 27.78 20.84
1,000 83.34 55.56 41.67
2,000 166.67 111.12 83.34
3,000 250 166.67 125
*For illustration purposes only

To apply for an EasyCash product if you need to have:

  • a valid Standard Chartered credit card,
  • and an active Standard Chartered Current Account/Savings Account.

Note: EasyCash is only allowed for principal/primary cardholders and credited into his/her 1st party/self names SCB account only.

There is a processing fee for EasyCash which is similar to (0% EasyPay);

  • 3% service fee or BND30, whichever is higher (12 months)
  • 3% service fee or BND50, whichever is higher (18 or 24 months)

You may apply for EasyCash through our Call Center at +673 265 8000.

Upon receiving your instruction, you may receive the funds in your designated self name SCB account between 3 to 5 working days, subjected to approval.

EasyCash is approved based on your Standard Chartered Credit Card available limit which usually is a subset of your credit limit. You may try re-submitting the application for a lower amount.
Please noted that all applications are still subjected to the Bank’s review.

No, any transaction under EasyCash is not eligible for earning rewards points.

Depending on your spending patterns, for 100% monthly outstanding repayment customers, you can go up to 95% your credit limit, while any customer who made less than 100% monthly repayment on its outstanding over the last 3 months is only entitled up to 50% of your limit.

You can have multiple EasyCash products as long as your limit allows.