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An Islamic unit trust comprises of a joint pool where investors contribute capital for investment purposes to earn profits in adherence to the principles, rules and regulation of Syariah law. It will exclude investments in companies involved in non-Syariah compliant activities such as products or services related to alcohol, gambling, tobacco, non-halal food product, interest-based lending, conventional insurance, military arms and ammunition and other activities deemed non-permissible according to Syariah law.

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Our Regular Savings Plan lets you access a long term and affordable investing strategy called dollar cost averaging. This plan allows you to take advantage of the occasional drops in the market by setting aside money that you invest in every month consistently. Historically, dollar cost averaging allows disciplined investors achieve their long-term financial goals with less monthly commitments than saving money with fixed deposits. You can start from as low as $100 per month.

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Our Islamic Unit Trusts must follow a variety of rules. These rules include investing only in Syariah-compliant companies, appoint a Syariah Advisory Body, carrying out periodic Syariah audit and purifying certain prohibited types of income, such as interest, by donating them to charity. Once a unit trust meets our fund selection process, our Syariah Advisory Body also reviews the decisions of the fund manager’s Syariah advisers and endorse the unit trust as part of the approval process.

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You can check the performance of your investment portfolio any time via our Online Banking or SC Mobile App. Plus, you can download your monthly portfolio statement and retrieve past statements up to 12 months.

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You can start investing from as low as $1,000 for each respective currency. To start your financial goals, meet with our licensed Relationship Managers or Wealth Consultants at our branches in Gadong or Kuala Belait.

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As unit trusts are still investments, they carry with them an inherent level of risk. Some of these risks are outlined below. It is important for you to review each prospectus in detail so that you are aware of the risks involved for any particular unit trust.

  • Non-principal protected and investment risk: Unit trusts are not principal protected and their performance are subject to market movements. Please bear in mind that past historical performance is not an indication of future performance. The value of any investments and generated income is not guaranteed and may puctuate over time.
  • Sales charges and annual management fees: There will be sales charges which will be taken from the purchase amount. In addition, an annual recurring fee which includes fund management and administrative fees will be charged by the fund manager. The fund’s Net Asset Value (NAV) declared by the fund manager is net of all such fees. You may refer to the respective fund prospectuses and factsheets for the exact prescribed charges.
  • Syariah compliant investing specific risks: Since companies purchased by funds must first pass stringent Syariah compliance criteria to be considered Syariah compliant, the constructed halal portfolio may not be as well diversified as traditional portfolios, which may increase the risk of loss.
Islamic Unit Trusts

Why invest in Islamic Unit Trust

Any investors, whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims, can invest in Islamic unit trusts. Some investors may invest in Islamic unit trusts for religious reasons, and some may regard them as socially responsible products. Other investors may invest in Islamic unit trusts in order to seek diversication in their portfolio.

We ensure that the funds invested in Islamic Unit Trusts are separated and treated differently from funds investing in Conventional Unit Trusts. The differences between Islamic Unit Trusts and Conventional Unit Trusts include:

Islamic Unit Trust
Conventional Unit Trust
Using Syariah Principle No Syariah Principle applied
Invest only in Syariah compliant financial instrument Can be invested in any financial instrument
Income Purification mechanism No Income Purification mechanism
Supervised by Syariah Advisory Body No Syariah Advisory Body Required

Our Islamic Unit Trust Offering

We offer Syariah-Compliant Unit Trust from leading Unit Trust providers with various asset classes.

Fund Name
Fund Prospectus
RHB Global Sukuk Fund Download factsheet here Download prospectus here
RHB Islamic Global
Developed Markets Fund
Download factsheet here Download prospectus here
RHB i-Global Sustainable Disruptors Fund Download factsheet here Download prospectus here
Principal Global Sukuk Fund Download Factsheet here Download Prospectus here
Principal Islamic ASEAN Equity Fund Download Factsheet here Download Prospectus here
Principal Islamic Asia Pacific Dynamic Income & Growth Fund Download Factsheet here Download Prospectus here
Principal Islamic Global Multi-Asset Fund Download Factsheet here Download Prospectus here

Important Note on Syariah Compliance - Islamic Unit Trust

The Syariah compliance of a Unit Trust is established and vetted by an internal committee of scholars or by external consultants, expert in Syariah, engaged by the Unit Trust manager. The Syariah Advisory Body of Standard Chartered Securities (B) Sdn Bhd (“SCSB”) endorses the decision of such scholars or consultants but does not independently verify the continuing compliance with Syariah of the Unit Trust’s investment activities nor the Unit Trust manager’s activities or processes. Insofar as you wish or are required for any reason to enter only into transactions or investments which comply with Syariah, you shall seek independent advice at your own expense and/or satisfy yourself as to the Syariah compliance of the Unit Trust, and the Unit Trust manager’s transactions or investments by making your own investigations and not relying on any written declaration, fatwa, opinion or other documents prepared by, on behalf or at the request of the Unit Trust manager or SCSB for the purpose of determining or coforming that the transactions or investments are Syariah compliant.

Islamic Unit Trusts Achieve your financial goals by investing in Islamic Investments.


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