Whatever your aspirations are, we’ve got the extra help you need.

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Whatever your aspirations are, we’ve got the extra help you need.

Achieving your goals have never been easier

Let Standard Chartered Personal Loan be the stepping stone to reaching the stars.


Here’s an illustration1 of how it works.

General Instalment Loan
Home Improvement Loan
Education Loan
Consolidation Loan
Loan amount BND20,000 BND50,000 BND70,000 BND100,000
Tenure 6 years 10 years 10 years 15 years
Monthly instalment BND345.81 BND593.51 BND830.92 BND927.02
Loan funds Directly credited to your Current Account Directly paid to the Contractor/Vendor providing the renovations Directly paid to educational institutions. Directly used to settle any previous outstanding balances you have with us or other financial institutions.
1 The illustration is based on the assumption that the loan is subject to interest rates of EIR 7.5% p.a. The interest rate offered to you may differ based on your personal credit profile as determined by us and may differ from the published rates and the interest rates offered to other borrowers.

Our Customer Terms, Personal Loan Terms, and Fees and Charges apply.

Fees & Charges

Processing fee New loan – BND200

Reloan – BND150

Cancellation fee Before loan disbursement – BND50

After loan disbursement – BND300

Early settlement fee If remaining tenor is more than half of the original tenor, fee is 2% of the outstanding amount of the facility or maximum of BND500, whichever is lower.

If remaining tenor is less than half of the original tenor, fee is 1% outstanding amount of the facility or maximum of BND250, whichever is lower.

Late payment fee BND30
Late payment interest EIR 13.5% p.a. will be charged to the unpaid instalment amount on a daily basis until full payment is received.

Eligibility & Documents


  • Brunei citizens, permanent resident or expatriates
  • Age: 21 to 60 years old
  • Valid employment contract and employment pass (for expatriates)

Documents Required

  • You will need:
    • Identity card or passport (for expatriates)
    • Latest 3 months pay slips
    • Latest 3 months bank statements where salary is credited
    • Valid employment letter or contract
  • Additionally, for Home Improvement Loan
    • Quotation / invoice from vendor
    • Approval letter from Government Housing Board, if applicable.
  • Additionally, for Education Loan
    • Letter of admission to educational institution
    • Quotation/invoice/receipt from educational institution.
  • Additionally, for Consolidation Loan
    • Certificate of Balance from other financial institutions for facilities to be consolidated.

Important Information