Standard Chartered Securities (B) Sdn Bhd ("SCSB") is authorised by Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam and Syariah Financial Supervisory Board to conduct Islamic investment business by operating an Islamic window.

Invest in line with your beliefs

We believe that investing is for everyone, on your own terms. Syariah compliant investing encourages a disciplined investment process that promotes in-depth security research and monitoring. It also encourages the ownership of assets, not debt. You may do so by investing into Syariah compliant unit trusts with us.

Islamic principles require investors to share in profit and loss, that they receive no interest (riba), and that they don’t invest in businesses that are prohibited (haram) by Islamic law. In addition to this, a company that has been evaluated to be Syariah compliant should have a level of debt and interest rate bearing securities below a certain threshold. The industries that Syariah compliant investing avoid are:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Pork-related products
  • Conventional Financial Services (banking, insurance, etc.)
  • Weapons and Defence
  • Entertainment (hotels, casinos, gambling and cinemas).

Often, it is not possible to avoid prohibited business activities entirely. In cases such as these, as per Syariah guidelines, Muslim investors must account for any income derived from all prohibited sources and then give it away to charity or someone in need. This process is known as "purification" or "cleansing" of tainted investment income. Islamic Unit Trust Manager will do this for you and ensure that the purification is done according to Islamic practices.

The Islamic investment we offer would receive an approval from the Syariah Advisory Body of the product provider, the Syariah Advisory Body of Standard Chartered Securities Brunei and the Syariah Financial Supervisory Board to give you peace of mind when investing to achieve your financial goals.

Risks To Keep In Mind

Syariah compliant investing has limitations that may potentially create risk. Investments purchased by funds must first pass a stringent Syariah compliance criteria to be considered Syariah compliant. The constructed halal portfolio may not be as well diversified as traditional portfolios, which may increase the risk of loss. The returns of a Syariah compliant portfolio are also subjected to conventional market risks.

Currently our Syariah compliant products are:

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Disclaimer: The above mentioned investment products are not deposits with or other obligations of Standard Chartered Bank or any of its subsidiaries including Standard Chartered Securities (B) Sdn Bhd and are subject to risks. The price of the investment products may move up or down, and investors may not recover the amount they have invested. Past performance is no guide to its future performance. Neither the Bank nor its subsidiaries shall have any liability whatsoever to any investor for the loss which the investor may suffer as a result of the performance of any investment products. Investors should read the terms and conditions contained in the relevant offering documents and are advised to seek independent professional advice before making any investment decision. Investors should not base their investment decisions on the information in this web page alone. Investors should ensure they fully understand the risks associated with investment products and should also consider their own investment objective, time horizon and risk tolerance level.

This webpage is for general information only and does not constitute any offer, invitation or recommendation to any person to enter into any transaction described therein or any similar transaction.

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