Request for Clearance Letter

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Request for Clearance Letter

Easy steps to request for Clearance Letter online

Need a Clearance Letter urgently? Use your SC Mobile App to request anytime, anywhere.

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Guide to applying for Clearance Letter online

Step 1

Click on ‘Help & Services’

Step 2

Click on ‘Request for Clearance Letter’ under ‘Other Banking Services & Request For Statements’

Step 3

Select account to be debited for charges. Refer to the Bank’s Tariff for charges. Also do read all the notes listed

Step 4

Enter in the text box details of:
  • The Standard Chartered Branch location for collection
  • The name of addressee with the registered address
  • For additional clearance letter, name of addressee with registered address and other relevant instruction such as number of printed copy required

Step 5

Review your request on next page

Step 6

Enter the OTP code sent to your registered Mobile Number with the bank

Step 7

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