Realise your financial aspirations with 5.25% EIR

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Realise your financial aspirations with 5.25% EIR

Low interest rates to meet your needs

With lower interest rates, let Standard Chartered Personal Loan help fulfil your financial needs with ease. Choose from a lower interest rate or a higher cash rebate, we’ve got a financial solution that suits you.

Choose either one of these offers

Simply apply from now until 30 December 2021 to enjoy.

5.25% EIR 5.9% EIR
75% discount of processing fee* (BND50) Cash rebate of 2% (capped at BND2,000)
Processing fee waived*
Usual BND200

Below is an approximate illustration of the Flat Interest Rate equivalence to the Effective Interest Rate across tenors

5.25% EIR
5.9% EIR
24 2.780% 3.131%
36 2.767% 3.119%
48 2.771% 3.127%
60 2.783% 3.144%
72 2.799% 3.164%
84 2.816% 3.187%
96 2.835% 3.211%
108 2.855% 3.237%
120 2.875% 3.262%

Here’s an example of the kind of savings you can achieve with our low interest rates

The interest rate comparison is against the normal market rate of 7.5% EIR and based on a loan amount of BND20,000 with a repayment period of 5 years.
BND20,000 (5 Years)
5.25% EIR
5.9% EIR
7.5% EIR
Processing Fees BND50 BND200
Total Interest BND2,783.94 BND3,144.46 BND4,046.73
Rebate BND400
Final Cost BND2833.94 BND2,744.46 BND4,246.73
Total Savings BND1,412.79 BND1,502.27

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