Introducing the new Signature CIO Funds, designed to stand the test of time

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Introducing the new Signature CIO Funds, designed to stand the test of time

What are the Signature CIO Funds?

The Signature CIO Funds* are a range of four funds designed to provide investors access to Standard Chartered’s CIO views via a globally diversified multi-asset fund of funds/ETFs portfolio that invests in Global Equities, Global Bonds, Commodities, Liquid Alternatives and Cash.

Top reasons to invest in these funds

At Standard Chartered, we believe that a diversified portfolio should be a starting point for your investment journey toward long term financial success.

Achieve diversification – Portfolios that diversify investments in global equities, global bonds, commodities,
liquid alternatives and cash.
Rebalanced for you – When our house views change, the funds are also rebalanced to align with our experts’ views,
capitalising on market opportunities.
Long-term foundation portfolios – Funds that are tailored to different investor’s profiles and incorporated with our
house views across multiple asset classes.

Signature CIO Funds at a Glance

Gain access to Standard Chartered’s CIO views via four diversified portfolios that cater to various investment objectives and are continually monitored and rebalanced.

The fund aims to generate regular income by investing in a diversified portfolio of income generating securities globally.
Income focused portfolio that invests more than 50% into Fixed Income instruments and the rest into High Dividend Equity, REITs and Hybrids.
Aims for an indicative 6% p.a. distribution monthly.
The fund seeks to generate income over a mid to long-term investment horizon.
The fund allocates to Fixed Income, Money Market and Cash, which are generally more resilient in market downturns.


The fund seeks to achieve moderate growth through capital appreciation and income accumulation over a mid to
long-term investment horizon.
The fund invests a similar amount into Equities and Fixed Income, with a slight tilt to Equities. It also invests in
Commodities and Alternatives.
Balanced allocation between Equities and Fixed Income aims to provide upside returns while mitigating drawdowns.
The fund seeks to achieve growth mainly through capital appreciation over a mid to long-term investment horizon.
The fund invests into both Equities and Fixed Income, with higher allocation to Equities. It also invests in Commodities
and Alternatives.
Higher allocation to Equities which offer more long-term growth potential.
Source: Standard Chartered. Signature CIO Conservative was refreshed on 02 October 2023. Investment involves risk. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Portfolio allocations may change from time to time at the discretion of the investment manager.

Fund Fact Sheets

Visit our Fund Library for more in-depth information and to gain access to the individual fund fact sheets and strategies.

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Terms and Conditions

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