Diversity and Inclusion Menopause in the workplace

We want to understand women's experiences of menopause in the workplace. Check out our report to learn about the impact menopause has on the financial services industry and what we can do to support menopause inclusion and wellbeing in the workplace.   

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Large-scale survey including 2,400 employees of all ages from over 100 different organisations in the UK financial services industry. In a sector facing a skills gap, the research shows employers risk losing talent if they aren’t responding well to the menopause

Learn More Why menopause matters at Standard Chartered?

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Let's talk about menopause

It is time to shine a spotlight on this taboo subject and offer the support and advice that will really make a difference.  

Unmasking the menopause

Julie felt she shouldn’t talk about her menopausal symptoms, but quickly realised that talking about the menopause is exactly what is needed

Understanding the impact of menopause on financial services

Standard Chartered and the Financial Services Skills Commission join forces to highlight the menopausal impacts on senior female leadership.

Diversity and Inclusion

We view diversity, inclusion and respect for all colleagues as critical to our future success