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Karby Leggett

Global Head, Public Sector and Development Organisations

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Based in Singapore, Karby became the Head of our Public Sector and Development Organisation (PSDO) team in June 2019, responsible for the Bank’s coverage of Ministries of Finance, Central Banks, Development Organisations and other Government related institutions across our global footprint. He was previously the Head of the Asia PSDO Business. Prior to his expanded role, Karby ran the Capital Markets business in the Greater China & North East Asia region. Before joining Standard Chartered, Karby worked at Goldman Sachs where he oversaw the firm’s Europe, Middle East and Africa sovereign ratings advisory and risk management. Karby has over 20 years of experience in capital markets, finance, risk management and sovereign ratings advisory and international affairs including a decade during which he worked as a foreign correspondent for The Wall Street Journal. Karby has lived in China, Korea, Japan and the Middle East, and speaks fluent Mandarin.

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Microfinance: lifting families and communities out of poverty

Saraswati and Minara are two people who inspire our microfinance work

Saraswati and Minara are two people who inspire our microfinance work

Explore our world | 27 Aug 2019

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