Liquidity management

Your comprehensive liquidity management solution

We understand the key challenges you face in effectively managing your cash. From improving account visibility and control to managing risk and information, we recognise your concerns and address them through a virtuous cycle of optimising liquidity.

With the objective of improving your available working capital, we take into consideration your business needs, plus all regulatory and tax aspects, before providing scalable solutions that will enhance your working capital efficiency to facilitate your business growth.

We can help you to define a customised liquidity management solution that helps you optimise processes, improve strategic decision making and increase your treasury efficiency.

Liquidity management: A virtuous cycle of optimising liquidity

Strengthen credit profile

  • Adhere to stringent loan covenants
  • Offer lenders comfort on ability to repay loan debts

Improve liquidity ratios

  • Current ratio
  • Quick ratio
  • Times interest earned

 Liquidity Management: A virtuous cycle of optimising liquidity

Deploy liquidity management techniques

  • Physical sweeping
  • Notional pooling
  • Interest Optimisation

Improve working capital management

  • Improve accessibility to internal and external funding
  • Deploy external funding only where genuinely needed

With our global experience and on-the-ground market knowledge, we offer a full range of liquidity management solutions, incorporating the following key components:

Physical sweeping

Physical sweeping

We offer both domestic and cross-border physical sweeping subject to regulatory considerations. By periodically streamlining the transfer of balances to or from a designated concentration account via our comprehensive and flexible sweeping features, our physical sweeping proposition ensures that surplus is concentrated on a single account and that deficit balances are covered.

You also have the flexibility of moving funds intra-day or real end of day across different markets and effectively managing your inter-company loan and limit positions.

Key benefits:

  • Maximised interest returns and minimised overdraft charges
  • Efficiency with certainty of fund transfer
  • Quicker decision making with improved visibility
  • Flexible configuration of information for full connectivity
Notional pooling

Notional pooling

Whenever regulations permit, we provide notional pooling in single and multiple currencies to prevent commingling of funds and intercompany loans. The solution involves offsetting your overdrawn balances against your surplus funds, without physical transfer, to achieve a net balance in the master pool account for optimised interest returns.

Our notional pooling proposition also includes the option of reallocating interest to participating entities based on your instruction.

Key benefits:

  • Maximised interest returns and minimised overdraft charges
  • Easily deployable funds during emergencies
  • Effective tracking and monitoring of account balances
  • Ease of operations, as funds need not be physically transferred
  • Reduced internal costs with the efficiencies gained
Interest optimisation

Interest Optimisation

Interest optimisation is an interest-enhancement mechanism that lets you enjoy preferential interest rates by virtue of the total balances you hold with us. Under this proposition, participating balances are aggregated without physical transfer so that the preferential interest tier to be applied to individual accounts, as allowed by regulations, is defined. 

We offer both domestic and cross-border interest optimisation solutions, subject to regulatory considerations.

Key benefits:

  • Maximised interest returns
  • Ease of administration, as interest is paid to individual accounts
  • Support accounts held in multiple currencies and multiple jurisdictions
  • Decentralised ownership structure of accounts and funds
  • Reduced internal costs due to ease of operations
  • Minimal regulatory or tax implications

Customised solutions

We combine our global expertise with our deep local market knowledge to offer customised solutions to fit your local market requirements.

China – Tax Efficient Sweeping
Our Tax Efficient Sweeping solution allows you to reduce your business tax on entrustment loan interest. The solution involves funding your local subsidiaries with the exact amount of cash required, thus reducing the total entrustment loan amount and in turn decreasing the business tax on the entrustment loan interest.

India - Inter-company limit management
Our liquidity management solution offers you the ability to set maximum intercompany borrowing and lending limit across your entities, in line with local regulations that limit the amount of inter-company loans between related entities. This solution ensures adequate funding for your local entities while complying with regulatory requirements.

All of these solutions will be accessible via a single front end application to provide you direct access to information and reports plus the ability to change settings in your sweeping or pooling solutions.

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